Author Topic: Difference between acidic /alkaline, acid forming/alkaline forming?  (Read 2135 times)

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Hi all,

I am pretty confused about the acid/alkaline topic. As we all know, the stomach itself is very acidic but where I get confused is that certain foods apparently turn the body alkaline, which is supposed to be good for the body. An acidic body is considered unhealthy. But, in order to digest animal proteins our stomach needs to be acidic. So we should not eat vegetables or veggie juice right before or with animal proteins, since veggies are mostly alkaline and interfere with acidic foods such as raw meats.

I have low stomach acid, so i have a hard time digesting raw veggies and raw meats. Dairy is ok unless its goat milk, cuz that´s apparently alkaline forming which i can confirm, since my digestions isnt good when i mix it with raw meats. However, cow milk with raw meats seems to be good since cow is apparently acid forming.

So my question is, in order to be fully healthy, what in the body needs to be acidic (I assume the stomach) and what should be alkaline (the blood)? And should I only focus on acidic foods since I want to increase my HCL naturally? I don´t want to run into the risk of consuming too much acidic foods which might cause more issues. I read that vegetarians/vegans sometimes have a hard time getting back to animal proteins, since the body didn´t need to produce such a strong HCL. So when they switch they have issues.

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Re: Difference between acidic /alkaline, acid forming/alkaline forming?
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2018, 04:52:11 am »
Sv3rige made a good video about this.


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