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Onion greens?
« on: April 21, 2018, 03:36:52 am »
 Lately ive been eating quite a lot of green onions and leek leaves, as well as a wild onion that grows in the woods, i mostly favor the green parts as opposed to the actual bulbs of the plants. Is there any reason i should worry about onion greens being a staple vegetable in my diet? I love the taste of them and onions are purported to be very good for raising your testosterone levels though i dont know if theres enough evidence to say thats a sure thing. They seem to be less domesticated and removed from their natural form than some other vegetables.
A girl i work with did tell me when i sweat it smells like onions though that may not be the most favorable side effect of onion consumption, but it doesnt really bother me much and i dont know if she was actually serious even, they see me eat raw onions all the time it may have been an attempt to poke fun.


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