Author Topic: Is the Whole30 to Paleo transition an easy switch, and what can I do to prepare?  (Read 2376 times)

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Hey guys,

Coming to the end of a Whole30 stint, and have so far experienced some major benefits:

- More concentration at work

- Better sleep (how good is proper sleep!?)

- Better skin

- NO headaches (I get headaches and migraines a lot, and have done since school age)

- A little bit of weight loss (I think, I kinda went all-in on the no measurement rule, but clothes are noticeably loose).


There's two things here. The first is that, yes, these benefits are great. And overall, I'm really glad I committed to Whole30. The second is that I don't believe it is sustainable. Obviously, there's a reason it's only programmed for 30 days at a time - it's difficult!

In my reading I came across this article ( ) which seems to suggest that Whole30 can be used as a stepping stone to Paleo. Anyone had any experiences with this, or could offer any advice. I'm a bit dubious of some of the stuff mentioned in the article, and it does seem to have a more fitness-oritented focus.

Basically what I need to know is, anyone had any experience going from Whole30 to Paleo, and if so, can they offer some tips?



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