Author Topic: 4 Days Raw Paleo - Need Advice: Red Meat Triggering Panic Attacks?  (Read 3257 times)

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Hello, I'm new this is my first post.  I'll try to keep it brief and easy to read, so I apologize if it sounds kind of awkward.


On-And-Off Raw Omnivore for 15 years.

Been watching Sv3rige videos for a week (love em).  I have matching symptoms to ex-raw vegans ---> Neurological Degeneration such as severe panic attacks, low back disc degeneration with permanent loss of feeling in one upper thigh, tingling fingers and toes, zaps in chest and head, mood swings, extreme fatigue, chronic iron deficiency, D deficiency.  Been dealing with debilitating symptoms for 3+ years now.  Like, debilitating.  No joke.

Suddenly a few months back, liver and upper abdomen got hard and swollen, gained 20 pounds practically overnight, gastric distress.  Got it pretty much worked out in the end with a good liver supplement, but not totally.

Four or five days ago, went total Raw Carnivore out of desperation.  No foods react well with me anymore.  Boxed into a corner.  Willing to try anything.  Science seems sound.  As a raw omnivore, I am no stranger to raw meat, fish, and eggs, so its an easy switch.

Previously, had been eating for a verrrrry long time 50% or more fruit, love those bananas.  Never grains.  Used to use meat, egg yolks, and dairy only as supplementation in small amounts.  Apparently it wasnt enough.

Have had panic attack symptoms pretty much managed for the past 6 months.  I have a lead-up maybe every other day, but its mild, and I can keep it from turning into a full blown attack.

So! here is my problem that I would love it if someone had some feedback on:

I've been used to eating flash-seared organic grass fed beef.  I sear it less and less each time to get used to the rawness of the meat.  I always trim off visible fat, easier for me to handle.  (I don't eat it often.  I like raw dairy, eggs, and cheese mostly.)  So yesterday I ate barely seared beef, and after about 1.5 ounces, my heart rate went up, and I felt funny like I had to lay down.  I lay down, I feel very warm in my stomach, I exercise a bit to get rid of extra energy, and everything is fine.

Then today, I finally took the full plunge, and ate one ounce of organic grass fed skirt steak, with the fat.  It wasn't psychologically very easy, but it also wasnt that hard either.  I had to swallow some of the fat whole to get it down, but I enjoyed the flavor.

Then an hour later, my insides start to feel funny, and uncomfortably warm.  My face flushed.  Then I stand up and boom, my heart begins racing, full-blown panic attack, like a real baddie.  ER-style.  90 minutes later it was mostly gone.

So, is it 'meat sweats' I'm feeling?  (which I didnt even know was a thing until yesterday)  Or is it that I'm so anemic that the iron is rushing into my system?  And most importantly, how can I avoid the intense warm, heart-racing feeling I get eating raw beef?  When I eat it, my body loves the way it sits in my stomach, the way it digests, and the amazing energy it gives me for hours.  But I can do without the racing-heart sensation, because its triggering panic symptoms by coming on too strong, too fast.

Also, is this in any way normal?  Has anyone else ever been through this?

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Re: 4 Days Raw Paleo - Need Advice: Red Meat Triggering Panic Attacks?
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 05:55:31 pm »
Never heard of it, though it really sounds like you are just healing. The heart racing can be a good thing, it's a psychological fear that is your anxiety. Maybe just accept it? It will probably decrease over time. If it doesn't then report back.

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Re: 4 Days Raw Paleo - Need Advice: Red Meat Triggering Panic Attacks?
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2018, 02:05:30 pm »
Are you physiologically and phsychologically healthy? As in, are you not underweight, overweight, chronically pissed, over exercising, stressed and have your electrolytes in check? It sounds like a stress response.I dont have a definitive answer, but find it hard to believe you could be allergic to beef

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Re: 4 Days Raw Paleo - Need Advice: Red Meat Triggering Panic Attacks?
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2021, 06:20:16 pm »
The meat you are consuming is toxic, or you are detoxing. I use to get panic attacks from eating unorganic beef. Choose your meat carefully.


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