Author Topic: The least toxic (cooked) junk food.  (Read 218 times)

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The least toxic (cooked) junk food.
« on: August 15, 2018, 06:46:59 am »
For those that are poor, or just curious about what the least toxic cooked food would be I think I found an answer.
Steamed white rice cake.  Ajanous vonderplanitz actually mentioned it somewhere in his books as an alternative to cooked potatoes for carb junkies.  It is processed in a good way (better than brown rice anyway), is gluten free, tolerates heat better than most other grains I am aware of, is very moist which lessens the bodies need to dump enzymes to get rid of it, is lower in AGES because it is steamed and presumably also lower in anti nutrients. 
Interestingly because it is uniquely so moist inside after finished cooking the state of when you consume it has been said to affect insulin levels depending on current moisture content.

Some emperor according to wiki used to say that when that when dry it would be beneficial or less harmful for teeth, which makes sense because moistness would make it absorb better and spike insulin levels therefore along with it. 
Therefore it would make sense to put store some fresh airtight and cold and some open to air and consumed at maturation when desired.

I thought of einkorn flour as a contender but thought the sourdough process tedious and ridiculous.


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