Author Topic: Can anyone suggest a good source of caffeine (and should I be taking it)?  (Read 1083 times)

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With the exception of one cup of black coffee a day and possibly some supplements (and a little  raw corn on the cob) I have gone back to 100% raw (and paleo). I want to find a source of raw caffeine and then reevaluate whether or not I should be taking anything with caffeine in it at all.

To be honest I feel so good right now I wonder if I should be considering changing my diet. I felt really good the same time last year when I was on 100% raw paleo and my experimenting with a little cooked food led me back to eating mostly cooked food supplementing my diet with raw organ meats. At first I felt really good going back to a little cooked food but I'm pretty sure cooking is an addiction and it led to me feeling achy even though I was supposedly eating very healthy. If it ain't broke don't fix it is a pretty good motto to live by and perhaps I should keep doing what I am doing till I get some sort of indication something isn't quite right. The only negative thing I've noticed is that I'm not quite as strong in the gym as I used to be, (Could that be because I am detoxifying?) but at the same time I feel better than I've ever felt before. Funny I was at my strongest when I was eating a little less than half my foods raw, gorging on bloody rare steaks and cooked kale and tripe but the diet didn't hold and soon I felt it betrayed me. It's been a month or two since I went totally raw again and there is no clue of betrayal in sight...


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