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Low Milk Supply (breastfeeding)
« on: October 19, 2018, 09:56:18 am »
Hi there, having problems breastfeeding my 5 week old infant.  My milk supply is insufficient.  Only producing about half of what he needs.  Took him to a lactation consultant the other day, after observing that he lost a third of a lb.  He is still 3 lb above his birth weight (11lbs)  She weighed him before and after i breastfed him, he only took in 55ml.  He spits up plenty.  I have cut out dairy, but what really helped is when i went on the dr sears elimination diet for a few days.  Ate McDonald’s yesterday and his spitting up came back very good.  I suspect that he is reacting to dairy and gluten proteins making their way into my breast milk.  The dr Sears feels too restrictive.  I picked up some raw grassfed steak and pork chops. My intent is to go back to a partially raw keto diet that excludes dairy and gluten.  Any suggestions for boosting my milk supply?  I am supplenting him with a hypoallergenic formula by similac.  I would like to breastfeed exclusively.  I would like him to stop spitting up so much.
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Re: Low Milk Supply (breastfeeding)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2018, 10:43:13 am »
Dried and ground RAW malunggay / moringa capsules.

This is top of the line hands down breast milk booster in the Philippines.

You can dry and grind your own raw malunggay leaves if you want.

My 7 kids were helped immensely by these malunggay leaves.

We buy it at any drug store or supplement store in my city.

follow the dosage in the box.

you may need more since you are bigger - caucasian race.


Another thing is to consult a breast feeding expert in your area.
Keep latching on, properly, and as often as needed.
You must meet the breastfeeding expert in person, with your baby so you can be taught hands on the various positions and techniques.
You will soon forget and throw away your bottles.
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Re: Low Milk Supply (breastfeeding)
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2018, 02:49:36 am »
Firstly I would get him off this formula. What you might save on money now you will later spend on meds, hospital stays, allergies, sicknesses, pain and suffering. Either you make ur own (id leave out sunflower oil  and cod liver oil) or you buy organic formulas from "Hipp" or "Holle". Still formula but better than the commercial one. Carrots and Fenukgreen can be good to increase breastmilk. There are other foods mentioned on the internet as well, such as rasberry leaf tea. You need to try for urself.

But ideally you get a breastpump, possibly electric from medela (manual pumps can be useless), after some time (weeks) your body will get the signal to produce more milk, which you can then give to your baby and even fill up bottles for extra supply. Make sure you get the right nipple size, otherwise pumping can fail, also be consistent when it comes to pumping (once a day).

I am certain that almost everything you eat will get to ur baby and can effect him/her. During and after pregnancy. Plenty of people that I know which now have babies and toddlers ate rubbish, had C-Sections, premature births and all kind of health problems with their babies. I would STRONGLY advise to stay away from Soy, regardless if organic. Keep a food journal and see what food causes the worst reactions. Start with grains and pasteurized dairy. Gluten is the worst. Easiest and fastest way to eat raw meat is beef tartare. For ex: beef, egg yolk, salt and mustard (homemade is best). Tasty, nutritious and fast.
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