Author Topic: I mixed raw egg yolks with raw honey (specifically ambrosia). Food poisoning?  (Read 1230 times)

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I mixed raw egg yolks that had been sitting on my kitchen table (by recommendation from this forum... essentially high eggs?) with some natural raw honey (ambrosia, so pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and honey).

I felt nauseous that entire day, and from that day on till today, I have had diarrhea each day.

My assumption: my liver, which had been feeling bloated, with me not eating the right things... it definitely feels reduced in size. I definitely feel like this cleaned out my liver somehow, but maybe it did it too fast.

It's either that, or it's what other people are suggesting on forums other than this one, that maybe I picked up some bacteria of some sort.

In any case, I really would like to stop the diarrhea, as it hurts. Would eating more raw meat, or making sure to only lightly sear my meat solve this? Also, do you think it just cleaned me out too efficiently, or I actually got food poisoning?

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You detoxed and probably added too much propolis. 


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