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Aversion to cooking
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:58:16 pm »
I have noticed that the longer I follow a RPD, the more averse I become to cooking, cooked foods and their smells along with hot drinks as well. I haven't cooked anything for food in a few months and find it interesting how my tastes/senses much prefer lukewarm or even slightly cool raw foods. Have others found this to be the case as well? Interested in hearing stories from others eating these foods and what their experience has been and whether they still cook foods at all.

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Re: Aversion to cooking
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 07:16:32 pm »
Same here. Most long-termers seem to. By the time I started going rawpalaeo, I had developed very painful stomach-aches after eating any cooked animal foods, so I was discouraged from eating cooked animal foods 99% of the time for the first few years. I still occasionally ate a cooked omelette or whatever on rare occasions to see how my body responded. After a time, the painful stomach-aches subsided though I still felt indigestion to some extent from cooked animal foods. After c.5 years, I gradually started noticing that if I did ever eat any cooked animal foods, that I would vomit it all up if I ate large amounts. I also resorted to eating rice(ie  as in sushi) if I was expected to eat cooked foods as it seemed "less worse" than other cooked foods. After c.5 years, I noticed that I would get a hangover-like effect the next morning after eating cooked foods as my body needed to detox the resulting poisons afterwards. These days(16-17? years on), I am generally careful to include some raw animal food either before or during consuming anything processed as that avoids the detox.
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