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Minor RPD recommendation
« on: January 05, 2019, 04:05:50 am »

A local supermarket, Merkur, has been extremely diligent in providing RPD-friendly foods in high quantities and often very low prices. While I avoid the raw chicken and raw turkey, even though they taste  a lot less worse than the intensively-farmed chicken and turkey found in the UK and the US,  I now have found raw goose meat available there as well. It is lovely and fatty, with the red meat part being fatty which is key for me re taste(I can only handle white fat if from 100% grassfed raw leg of lamb). From past encounters with goose eggs in the UK, I gather that geese, unlike some other fowl, have to be fed on grass and similiar in order to remain healthy, so the geese don't get the 100% soy/100% corn diets that other birds usually have forced on them. Best of all, on Fridays and Saturdays, the supermarket loves to slap -50% off labels on their meats and, since I have no absurd fear of food-poisoning or whatever nonsense, I often pay as little as  1 euro 50 cents for 2 pig's tongues.
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