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Macronutrient ratio
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:15:06 am »
What are your macronutrients like on raw omni paleo? Do you try to stick to a certain ratio? Is it necessary to pay much attention to it at all or do you think the importance of macros is being exaggerated?

When doing raw paleo, even omnivore with some fruits and starches here and there, I suppose one would be in ketosis anyhow. But when starting out with keto, like I just did, I have to keep an eye on my carb intake.

Still experimenting with what's right for me. Been rough since starting, got all the typical keto flu symptoms. I consume enough fat, I think. I don’t track my macros, just the carbs and just gauge the rest. Perhaps I just need more carbs, too. Also switching to keto and introducing raw animal foods at once might just be bit much of a shock to my body…


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