Author Topic: good places/destinations worldwide to live a raw primal/paleo way of eating?  (Read 1928 times)

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Hi there!

I have been experimenting with a raw paleo way of eating for on and off about 18 months.  Or just experimenting in general with foods.  I'm gravitating toward a generally raw diet full of green juices, organic fresh fruit, raw meats, raw seafood, organ meats, raw fats and raw dairy, if I can find it.  I also love travelling.  Some places are more conducive to this way of eating than others, I've found. 

Here in Canada, it is next to impossible to get raw dairy unless youre working on a dairy farm or crossing the border to bring back dairy.  I've also been in places like Ecuador and parts of the US (northeast US ... Maine) that are more conducive to a holistic approach to this way of eating.  You can get raw dairy, you are close to the ocean, and there are lot of good farm raised meats and game meat options available.  So, I am trying to compile a list of some places/cities around the world that are super ideal to living a natural raw way of eating.  (close to the ocean, easy to get raw dairy, active lifestyle, lot of pasture raised animals)

If you have any recommendations of places youve been (or live) that allow you to thrive easily on this kind of lifestyle without having to go out of your way to source good raw meats, produce and dairy, I'd love to know!

Here is my list of some amazing hotspots:

-Portland, Maine area
-Seattle, Washington area
-San Diego, California area

New Zealand
-a place like Nelson, NZ

-Cities in the south of France (close to the sea, close to forests, easy access to raw dairy)

-Parts of Spain (Catalonia province has OKed raw dairy since last year)

-Vilcabamba in Ecuador (not as much fresh fish but I have personal experience here and it's an amazing place for raw foods living)

-Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand

-The Phillipines

-some other possible options: Costa Rica, Panama, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Denmark, Netherlands, parts of Germany, Fiji, South Africa (Durban), Chile (Valparaiso), Argentina

What are some places you think would be ideal for a active healthy outdoor raw primal/paleo lifestyle :)

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chiriquí province, panama

there's a lot of free range chickens, pastured beef and dairy in the upper regions of chiriquí province. the chickens usually get a bit of local corn in the evening to remind them where home is.

the dairy cows might get some grain once a day at milking time, i dunno.

for the milk,  u'd have to make arraignments with a farmer before the milk gets picked up by the milk processing plant truck. 

most towns have fresh fish shops and fresh fish and vegetable venders ply the roads daily in small trucks.

there's local beef organ meats in supermarkets. (i recall heart, liver, tongue, testicles)

i'd assume horsemeat is available because most everyone in the county side ride horses, kids ride horses to school.

there's a lot of herbicide sprayed in chiriquí...


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