Author Topic: Sharing our personal Fav ways of eating/current diet  (Read 1781 times)

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Sharing our personal Fav ways of eating/current diet
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:23:04 am »
I love hearing about/discussing others’ ideal optimal diet, and/or what their current way of eating looks like. Especially when  they feel their best

I don’t eat super far off from my ideal rn, but current budget definitely limits things. One goal is to make enough to feed myself (and friends/family) the best possible.

Here’s some of my favs:::

Lemon water, infused water
Cold pressed lemony green juice (no fruit/sweetness)
Raw cacao powder elixir drinks
Cold brewed herbal teas and kombucha
Wild caught seafood and shellfish
—especially sashimi, uni, oysters, etc
Wild roe, especially salmon roe
Organic/wild poultry LIVER
Organic/wild organ meats in general
Dulse seaweed
Pure fish liver, cod liver
Baby greens
Organic grass fed/wild red meats to eat raw or make tartare etc
Wild mulberries in season
Pasture raised egg yolks
Raw grass fed cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt (super occasional)
Occasional cold smoked fish
Homemade super gelatinous bone broths, cartilagenous bits, etc. (this would be cooked)
Occasional steamed broccoli and other in season veg
Occasional homemade raw chocolates (cacao +raw honey or stevia)
Occasional in season fruits maybe
Really good sea salts
Spring water
Chaga to make tea with
Fresh royal jelly (from bees)
Herbal teas

I wanna hear yours


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