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Meanwhile here in Europe all that these Asians sell is crappy food with thousands of additives even japanese restaurants. The western society, (food)culture is really backwards compared to japanese or korean for example. Even though Europe has a huge potential for animal foods, meanwhile we eat the least amount and variety of quality animal foods. I am always amazed how the japanese and korean and so on have/were allowed to keep their traditional diets and anywhere in Europe we have chemicals pushed on us from everybody including the asians, mainly these frickin chinese. Japan also doesn't allow very much migrants and most other asians do the same. But here it's circus time for anybody and everybody. But hopefully the elites are at least having fun doing this. What a waste of time else it is.
Restauraunts here in europe barely even freshly prepare the dishes it's a lot of prepackaged chemical garbage.
See this barbeque place:
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