Author Topic: Formerly malaria plagued city shows astonishing elders' resistance to Covid  (Read 1556 times)

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Some interesting news coming from Italy and the city of  Ferrara ( south of Venise in the delta of the Po river,  plagued by malaria until WWII ) on natural resistance to covid among inhabitants of the City. Incidence rates are 6 times lower  than in comparable cities in northern italy as per the article.

The article is in italian but you can copy paste to your favorite translator if you don't read italian

Survivors of malaria were made naturally resistant to the disease by a genetic inheritable trait known as  thalassemia.

Would the same genetic character prevent the occurence of covid ? Italian scientists are already researching on the matter. 

I have neved had malaria but the similarity of the malarian fever and the covid fever are striking ( coming and going and lasting for weeks ...)

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Viruses are made by our cells to cleanse the body.

If you buy into the lie of germ theory you are part of the problem, since you are just vomiting this ridiculous notion or ''viral'' ''infections'' on everybody else.


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