Author Topic: ruined my health with medication  (Read 2461 times)

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ruined my health with medication
« on: October 13, 2020, 04:07:31 pm »
abused stims for ADHD, i have terrible depression, low libido, lack of energy and hair is thinning.
ive abstained from everything for a year and i feel like half the man i was before i ever touched the stuff.
ive read aajanous's book and have been watching sv3rige's videos and from my understanding my issues are to do with my gut.
ive been fantasizing of going on a trip to philippines to get raw primal foods but the borders are closed.
how long would i have to be on aajanous's diet to feel better?
thank you.

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Re: ruined my health with medication
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2020, 07:11:40 pm »
however long it takes.  take your time.  go for the long run and don't push yourself too hard or you will feel terrible along the way.  things take a long time.  you will heal.

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Re: ruined my health with medication
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2020, 05:35:46 am »
The gut can be key to almost all sicknesses. But to fix it can be tricky. I think fasting, especially dry fasting can be a key to achieve that. Give your digestion a break for some time, unless you are on the brink of death due to malnutrition. I read both books of AV with great interest, listened to almost all his videos and podcasts, made a lot of notes and tried a lot of his suggestions. I also experimented a lot with different types of dairy over the years. The biggest obstacle I find with healing is to know what you should consume in order to heal. If you only listen to people telling you what to eat, and blindly follow their advice hoping to get better, then you might be in for some real trouble.

Some people tend to only eat what a person tells them to, without considering their own personal instinct, and that can lead to more health issues than before. I have come across far too many people on the web and in the real world that took everything for granted, and got burnt badly along the way. Although their instinct told them to stop their dietary regiment, they ignored the warning signs. Personally I would only listen to people that understand that nutritional needs can vary greatly, that have many years of experience and people that eat based on their instinct. You will read about people that after all these years still struggle with their health, I would rather listen to people that fixed their health. Several of these people on this forum are no longer active, or very rarely active, but their knowledge remains and you may find a lot of answers by searching with the relevant keywords. But the smartest and most experienced people on this forum have one thing in common. Instinctive eating. Therefore I would suggest you to read the book Instinctotherapy by Guy-Claude Burger. You can also get an older version of the pdf for free from forum member "iguana". Although I do not entirely agree with some of the things both AV and GCB lay out, at least GCB´s book focuses on one´s intuition, rather than going into some bizarre daily dietary regime á la Aajonus. That of course does not mean that some things AV suggested won´t work, but again, you better listen to your inner self.

This can sometimes be very hard, depending on the state of your body (amalgam, heavy metals, root canal, candida...) and mind (depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder...), environment (mold, noise, air quality) and of course personal situation (stress, money problems...). Calming down, going into nature, avoiding or at least protecting from EMF, meditation can help to calm the mind. And once the mind is calm instincts can be awoken again. If you are stressed before eating, don´t chew your foods to liquid (especially if you have digestive problems), you tend to overeat which results in getting indigestion that can result in malnutrition and all the health problems in the world, making it impossible to fix your gut.

Although instinctive eating would possibly be the best way of regaining health, I will still summarize the most important basic nutritional knowledge I gained here and on several other forums:

-Be careful mixing fat and high carbs, not only can it be addictive, it can also cause many problems
-Raw Dairy and eggs, but especially dairy can cause a lot of problems that you might not realize at first
-Some people need more carbs, some less, but going zero carb can result in serious health issues, especially if done for too long
-Although fruit can be a good addition, too many fruits can again be addictive and cause issues
-Be careful with organ meats, too much liver can cause Vitamin A toxicity and low quality marrow is not a good idea
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Re: ruined my health with medication
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2020, 02:44:47 am »
Frank Tufano is it you?  ;D

Primal Diet is prolly better than SAD but I dont recommend it. He recommends stuff like honey which is from my experience damaging.

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Re: ruined my health with medication
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2021, 10:43:00 am »
thanks for amazing information :) :) :)


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