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bees fed on sugar?
« on: December 01, 2020, 10:04:13 pm »
I was for a very longtime using honey, but have been having a long brake from it, and dont miss it. Even raw, organic honey is made normally by feeding the bees with sugar. Does not feel right to me, even if the end product is nectar based, the bees probably dont get optimum health from that some junk food.
I also talked to a person whose both parents were dentists, and he insisted that patients who ate a lot of honey - specifically - had very bad teeth. I was sceptical, but he really insisted that their experience showed more tooth decay among them compared to others eating a lot of sweet foods.
Anyone knows where/how to search for honey where the bee-keeper only takes a part of the honey and let the colony live on the rest of the honey ? What is it called? I know there are many different types of constructions to host the bees, some can be stressful for the bees, other less efficient (for humans to access the honey) but more natural.
I have tried the grubs in the combs, not very filling, but still nice. The easiest way to eat it is just to squeeze out the juices (they are much more watery that you'd first imagine), or just chew the whole thing, wax, honey and grubs, actually really tasty.
If you want the grubs, ask for the "male bees" in the spring if you know a bee-keeper, they usually want to get rid of the excess, if you are lucky you get them for more or less nothing.

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Re: bees fed on sugar?
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2021, 01:06:58 am »
Most beekepeers feed sugar or syrup to the bees during the startup of a new colony or during times where there aren't many flowers around. This is obviously much worse than natural honey.

Most honey is heated.

When you combine the two, the end result is just sugar with some extra minerals and whatnot. It's no surprise that the teeth of those consuming it suffer.

What you want is honey is hasn't been heated, and if possible that bees weren't fed anything except for raw honey during startup.

When you eat this honey alone, it will feel a little weird in your stomach, it can even hurt a little, as the high insulin-like substance can be overwhelming. If you combine it with other foods, this won't happen.

When you eat heated honey, even by itself, this also won't happen, as you'll esssentially just be eating sugar.
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