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« on: January 23, 2021, 10:36:00 pm »
I just read now that Gates is buying up a lot of (farm) land in the US, and is the biggest farmland owner in the US. Not some happy news.

It's really time to think about how to survive in the future, owning land (or knowing some people owning land, or having access to some ) should be our priority right now.

I have long time wanted to buy some land in Europe, but being stuck in Germany is really not great as land prices are insane, and there isn't that much land anyway. So I am open to other place/countries, and maybe even continents (as a Europeans citizen).

Also, how will the economy be in the future? I have been promised a little bit money to buy some land (or home), not that much, but still something, and I feel I need to do that soon.

Any people here in Europe? Any suggestions, ideas? Where to search? Maybe you know a good area? Maybe you know some land/farm for sale? Where not to go or what to avoid? What to think about? Any kind of suggestions very welcome, thanks.  I'm also happy to invite/ welcome other people who might want to join/visit/move in if the place could accommodate more people.


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