Author Topic: New Facebook Group of people sharing their experience after getting Covid shots  (Read 1096 times)

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It´s sometimes hard to convince people otherwise. This one might change some minds..It is a new group where people share their experience after getting the new Covid shot from different manufacturers. It has been taken down already, but it´s up again since the admins changed the rules (you are required to make a picture of your vaxx certificate before posting). There are some drastic examples of what people experienced. It also includes an official CDC list of people that died as a direct result of the shot (can be found in the group photos section).

The best part is that there is already a group called "Covid19 Vaccination Healing Group"

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This is good to hear.  Fuq Facebook for trying to shut down people sharing their experience.  That's what that platform was created for in the first place.  One thing I can't stand about all the media lately (through the whole thing really) is they constantly have pop up ads to visit to the C-D-C website for "correct" information.  I'm not seeking the CDC's information!  I'd like to see Fbook try to block these people's posts as "disinformation."  So - all these people are liars?  Fbook is totally into denying reality now.  It's good that these people did this, but I wish they would have used a different platform.  Stop giving Zuckerfuq more money that he doesn't deserve.

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Bill Gates is right. 80-90% of sheeple must go.
The pharmaceutical industry, the prison industry and the military industrial complex need more clients, while society needs more: fascists, totalitarian single digit iq nobodies(to enforce and carry out satan’s plans), communists, marxists, bolsheviks, leninists, SJWs, BLMs, socialists, mercenaries, welfare/benefit queens/kings, cartel members, starving people, broken homes, broken people, broke/bankrupt people from all points of views, hit(wo)men, murderers, uniformed psychopaths, drug addicts.


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