Author Topic: water filter, ioniser, water distiller...? Help/suggestions please  (Read 1196 times)

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What do you recommend to filter tap water? The town in Germany where I live says it offers good quality tap water, but there are still medicines and other residues, I am quite sure, plus the pipes in the building are old and when I have not run the tap for some time, for some days, or even sometimes overnight, the water has a brownish colour. Ionizer, distiller, water osmosis? I have an excess of minerals in my joints and body, so distilling could be good, maybe, but I once tried once distilled water from a distiller with a plastic top (the fan, but the recipient was of stainless steel) and the taste was terrible, it had a plastic/chemical aftertaste and irritated my throat.
Not easy to find a good solution for water. Ground water now being more a more contaminated. Rainwater: better, I think, but the crazy thing I heard recently is that in some states (was it Arizona or Colorado? Can't remember, where it's now illegal to harvest rainwater...
GOOD water is become scarce, we need to focus more on it.


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