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Hello from SoCal
« on: June 03, 2021, 12:38:43 pm »
Hi everyone. My name is Serg I am 27, I began eating solely raw foods 2 months ago, and my God, and it's been a ride. I got in through Aajonus, but recently I've changed things up (cut out the milk and the vegetable juices) since I was having digestion issues. I recently read  Guy Claude Burger's book on Instinctotherapy and I've become more convinced than ever that raw food, in particular raw meat and raw fat , are the optimal nutrition for humans.

I came from keto in 2019 to carnivore in 2020 and have only seen improvements since. I'm personally interested in figuring out how to make this as sustainable for me as possible.  But I'm also interested in what this means for the world at large, especially since it seems our medical system is built on the most massive and unforeseeable misconception about diet. To me it really seems hopeless to try to wake people up, but for some reason I like to indulge in some fantasizing about how amazing life on earth would be if everyone just ate right. Idk now I'm rambling. anyway I'm happy to be here.

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Re: Hello from SoCal
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2021, 12:08:01 am »
Ramble on,

Ive been going into diatribes on the same subjects for years. Just how much of the human worlds insanity, stems from the collective biological imbalances of billions of junk food junkies, who consume with mindless abandon the processed idiocies of commercialized decadence?

The best place to start reckoning with these problems is always with ones self. In cultivating a mind that is free and body that is healthy you will on a personal level be able to change the world. The multitudes may never follow, and that may be part of the unavoidable tragedy of life, but on the microcosm level I believe our actions can have an effect, and at the very least we could help to liberate a small minority of kindred souls, from the slavery of human ignorance. 

Guy Cluade Burger had some good insights regarding instinct, though I believe he and his followers rely too heavily upon fruits and vegetables. I believe many Fruits and plants can bypass the instinctive mechanisms, especially in people transitioning from a generally high carb standard processed diet. This reliance on cultivated fructose inhibits the ability to reap the benefits of going further into ketogenic carnivore.     

I have a modified instinctive approach that is geared toward the Carnivore spectrum. To me the taste of the meat and organs, and the quality of the fat is paramount. After striping everything down to the raw essentials, I have developed such an acute sense of taste, that its impossible for me to eat sub quality meat without experiencing revulsion.

My Advice would be to taste everything with focused attention, and sample a wide variety of the best quality animal foods available . With experience and intention hone your instincts to direct your dietary choice going forward.
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