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New to community, Have some questions
« on: April 23, 2022, 09:05:22 am »
Hi. I've been researching raw meats, and despite this forum seeming sort of inactive I thought I'd throw out a couple of questions which are hard to find solid answers for:

 - Thoughts on game meat? Is it more likely to contain exotic/dangerous parasites for example, especially in the organs, compared to standard pasture raised animals?
 - One thing I noticed from my own research is that virtually all common intestinal parasites, are often largely symptomless/harmless. Is it a possibility that many people eating raw animals (and yes I'm aware this applies to everyone else as well to a lesser degree) have parasites, but they are so trivial they don't notice? Is it easy to get parasites checked for and removed without antibiotics, if it comes down to that?
 - Do you treat your meat or fish in any way? Is it best freshly killed?
 - Raw oysters seem common. What are your thoughts on vibriosis (flesh eating bacteria)? P.S They were recommended here

Sorry for the weird questions, It's hard to research and get straight answers with so much bias. You know how google is, rigging search results. Hope somebody is eager or willing to answer one or many of my questions. Cheers

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Re: New to community, Have some questions
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2022, 12:05:00 am »
Pumping out units, I mean kids, aka bringing innocent beings into this ‘heavenly’ dimension of misery, suffering, struggling, pain and DEATH, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION/CONSENT, is NOT the solution/remedy/cure for your personal problems/issues such as: boredom, poverty, selfishness, loneliness, low IQ, **megalomania, shallowness, emptiness, vanity, hero complex syndrome, narcissism, virtue signalling syndrome. Please stop being a sadist, sadomasochist and find a more useful/constructive hobby. 😉

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Retards will breed and overpopulate this hell for maximum suffering.

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Approximately 27 trillion pounds of chemicals were produced in or imported into the United States(same or more to the other continents/parts of the world) per year in the early part of this decade, which is the equivalent of approximately 74 billion pounds/day (nearly 250 pounds per person). This number does not include fuels, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or food products. That yummy 'stuff ‘gets into our bodies. Flame retardants in gymnasts, 180+ toxic chemicals in the blood of newborns, the leaching of phlates from plastic wrap into our food, the list goes on and on.

"...breathing even small quantities of formaldehyde throughout a person’s lifetime is associated with an increased risk of leukemia and the development of head, neck and sinus cancer; asthma; allergies; decreased lung function; and even reproductive issues."

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With love,
The World Wide Criminal Syndicate: Royalty/Bankers/Industrialists/’Insuranceists’

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fracking! The flammable water scene was in Northern PA, where what used be be some of the most beautiful pasture/farm country on the East Coast, has now been contaminated.
I can't find the articles now, but I remember the owner of one of the adjacent NY casinos/race tracks, had an expensive horse/stallion farm in that area, and within a year of the fracking boom, all the horses mysteriously became ill. Don't use deductive logic there though, only coincidence theory. Anyhow, any and every toxic chemical waste on the planet was disposed of in the form of 'fracking fluid'...a toxic explosive sludge so dangerous that they made it illegal in NC for you to even know what was in it.
That's where the high levels of uranium, etc, in the drinking water is coming from. They've contaminated the aquifers with the fracking fluid. I specifically remember most of California's aquifers 'mistakenly' being contaminated with the fracking fluid years back, so it could not be used for drinking, contributing to the water shortage, and the draining of Oregon's aquifers to the highly populated irrigated desert.
It reminds me of when I was in high school, ages ago, there was a program on PBS talking about how Water Would Be the New Gold....or Bush Sr buying up the land in Paraguay over the Guarani Aquifer. It's all done on purpose, folks. They want control of everything that you need to live, and if you want to live, you're going to have to buy it from them.
When the Romans sacked Carthage, they sowed salt into the ground, so nothing would ever grow there again. Well, our gods/elites have improved upon the tactic. They've poisoned the wells with fracking fluid.
They've poisoned the earth with aluminum salt chemtrails sprayed from the sky. And with the prion 'wasting diseases' that have been released via 'vaccines' to elk, deer, moose, etc, you won't be able to hunt for game without risking contracting the same. GMO crops, etc.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain

Genetics are blamed for everything people don't understand. It's the perfect scapegoat for poor life choices.
Pumping out units, I mean kids, aka bringing innocent beings into this ‘heavenly’ dimension of misery, suffering, struggling, pain and DEATH, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION/CONSENT, is NOT the solution/remedy/cure for your personal problems/issues such as: boredom, poverty, selfishness, loneliness, low IQ, **megalomania, shallowness, emptiness, vanity, hero complex syndrome, narcissism, virtue signalling syndrome. Please stop being a sadist, masochist and find a more useful/constructive hobby. 😉

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Re: New to community, Have some questions
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2022, 09:10:24 pm »
Hi consoomer.

Regarding the concern for parasites, you are probably correct.  There are some parasites whose effect is unnoticeable; and some are actually beneficial for certain illnesses (helminth therapy).  I think what gets lost in the whole "parasites are bad" discussion is that, even if they are bad, the benefits from eating raw meat at times outweighs the risk of getting parasites.  If the raw meat heals your body and is the best for you, then the concern about parasites is not that big of a deal.  If you get them, then yes you can get medication to get rid of them.  That being said, the one thing I would be afraid to eat raw is pork...for the reason that their parasites do not always stay in the gut (they can travel to other organs, like the brain).  However, some do choose to eat pork raw.  This is simply my choice not to eat it. 

I'm not sure about wild game.  I don't eat it because it's not available to me.  But I once was studying for a course to get a hunting license.  The hunters have to learn about the diseases wild animals may have, so that they don't consume the sick ones and then become sick themselves.  Part of the reason hunters cannot sell their catch to someone else is that the wild animals aren't raised under controlled conditions, so no one can ensure that they are completely healthy for consumption.  It is kind of a risk, but I think there are probably other members here who have eaten or regularly eat wild game meat raw with no bad effects. 

I don't know anything about raw oysters, lol.

Nevermind the rant from political

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Re: New to community, Have some questions
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2022, 04:41:57 pm »
Parasites show up in your body when there is a nice environment for them (just like every other living thing). So they will eat, and when the food is gone, they will leave again. Depending on the food in your body, different parasites will show up. The parasites also poop, that poop will be eaten by something else (which will then show up), and this will go on and on until there is food for your 'body' (bacteria). Look into the work of Bechamp about how this works.

If you eat a lot of food that is difficult for your body to utilise, other life is needed to digest it.

Parasite do not cause any illness, these are there to help clean up. If you eat 'unclean' food, you will need parasites/fungi/etc to help clean your body. This is a good thing. Eating the 'unclean' food is the bad thing.

I have been eating pork for almost 2 years, with no problem. Do not have any experience with wild game, but my guess would be that wild game lives way more natural compared to most farmed animals. So i would not worry about it.

Raw oysters are super tasty, for info on 'flesh eating bacteria' (fear mongering) look into Bechamp what might actually be going on there. If there would be a 'human eating bacteria', which us human would have no possibility of defending against, that bacteria would be on top of the food chain.


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