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Electrolyte mix
« on: March 15, 2022, 08:46:00 pm »
I wanted to share my electrolyte powder, especially for low carb RAFers.
The mix wasn't created by me, there's a commercial brand that makes the same thing, but it's very expensive.

This mix has sodium, potassium and magnesium. All salts are chlorides, all of them found in sea water

You'll need:

An scale
Sodium chloride (fine)
Magnesium chloride (I've only found big crystalls)
Potassium chloride (fine)
Mortar and pestle or a device to ground the magnesium salts
Mason jar

It's quite straightforward, weighing and mixing the salts. To make sure salts are properly mixed go in small amounts.

For 1/2 litre (17oz) water, 1/2 tsp from the mix:

2,5 g NaCl %74
0,35 g KCl %10
0,55 g MgCl  %16

I make 100g following the percentages because weighing small amounts makes big errors. I repeat 10 times to get 1kg. This way I know everything will be mixed evenly.
You can do this with ANY weight units, it doesn't matter. It's about following proportions.

Everyone in the keto/low carb community agrees that this is the best mix, I feel that it's spot on. Adding lemon, spices, mint, etc. it's impossible to get this ratios.

If anyone is interested, this are the actual proportions of the electrolytes :

Na 1000 mg (%80)
K 200 mg (%15)
Mg 60 mg (%5)

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Re: Electrolyte mix
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2022, 08:24:26 am »
i've been doing something similar to make a diy LMNT

following the ingredient proportions on a LMNT packet; 1k sodium, 200mg potassium, 60mg magnesium.
i spread the ingredients out on a 1m x 1m sheet of plastic and rolled it back in forth until well mixed, then stored the mix in air tight jars.

i've been adding 1 teaspoon to a 650ml water bottle for drinking and also using the mix as a salt on food.

i was still having leg and hand cramps after using it for a month so i started mixing 1/4 tsp of magnesium powder to a cup of my LMNT drink and i haven't had any cramps since.

also, i was having swollen lower legs (water retention) so as an experiment, i quit all salt/LMNT for 3 weeks and my leg went back to normal.  i maintained taking magnesium during the saltless period and no cramping.  i'm going to start slowly retaking my LMNT and find my limits.


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