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The Numbers Plan
« on: August 11, 2023, 09:14:17 am »
Regarding the NWO globalist agenda for depopulation, I'm wondering how the ban against abortions fits the plan.

If someone's goal is depopulation, then that person or people should support access to abortion.  But many western civilizations are opposing abortion at this time.

Considering the NWO is actually the one in charge and their agenda is to depopulate humanity by using sterilization/disability-inducing shots and genetically-modified food and crops, why are they not supporting access to abortion?

Perhaps they have become too successful at their own game? 

I know the birthrate is significantly decreased continuously in the US.  There are some advantages for the government to have new births on a regular basis, and none of these advantages are any good for the parents or the new child being born.  The government receives the following advantages from children that it claims as its subjects:

-a source of income-tax and sales-tax revenue over the entire lifespan of the child (assume 75 years).  The government can pay back money owed to the World Bank and international loans from foreign countries from the child's forced payments.  In fact, it may be a condition of international loans to foreign countries that the birthrate be a certain percentage to ensure future tax revenue is sufficient to pay back the loan. We as citizens do not have access to the paperwork the US government signs when taking out a foreign loan.  A mortgage requires that the house be security on the loan.  Perhaps for a foreign loan to the US, the security at stake may be the state of Alaska? Who knows?
-if the child is born male, the US receives a free bullet-sponge for future wars.  In the US, men are forced to sign up for 'selective service" upon reaching adulthood.  If they do not give into the coercion of signing up to become a bullet-sponge if needed for wars, then they are denied certain benefits of the federal government.  One may debate this point and say "well, actually the government doesn't need humans to fight wars when they are creating AI."  But, at what cost is the manufactured AI soldier?  Is it 100,000? 200,000? More? The cost of a human soldier is much less to the government because there is no payment for it to be "manufactured."

So maybe they are dipping below the minimum population number that they need for government purposes. 

I have more thoughts on this and might continue it later.


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