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Eating chicken bones
« on: April 26, 2024, 04:44:32 am »
Seems pretty quiet around here, i ate a whole chicken leg quarter bone raw with the rest of the cut yesterday and it made me think of this place. I am getting great regenerative pasture raised chickens from a local farmer, havent eaten chicken much until more recently.

I have attempted to crunch raw chicken bones with my teeth before and it always seemed like they were too hard but this time it just happened i went to crunch the end and it was not too much effort so i kept going and pretty much ate the whole thing. It felt really nice when i did i yesterday but today it has felt like im still digesting it all day i can feel it in my stomach so i will likely go easy on the quantity. The chicken skin/meat is awesome but i think my stomach needs to work up to the bones.

It seems like a good food to include though i would think may be unnecessary to eat every day, i have struggled with sourcing since moving to a new town and have been eating mostly raw beef muscle and pasteurized heavy cream/cream cheese. Obviously not optimal and i realized yesterday i felt very deeply hungry and need to pursue the consumption of more whole animals once more. More organs and sinew/cartilage and other parts. Hoping i can find  good place to process local goats or sheep, goats seem readily available but no one seems to want me processing on their land.


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