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Dvorak vs. QUERTY
« on: June 26, 2008, 11:28:55 pm »
Does anyone here use the Dvorak keyboard layout? It taught myself to type DVORAK about ten years ago as it's very efficient. The problem is that when I go to use another computer, I look like a hunt and peck idiot and takes me forever to type anything.

I've been using typing tutors no re-learn QWERTY and I've gotten the keys in my head but I have to think about each letter I'm typing. In Dvorak, I type words without thinking about it.

I've heard about people who can do both but I'm afraid that if I get proficient in QWERTY, I'll lose something in Dvorak. Do any of you use both equally as efficient?

When I learned DVORAK, it was the first time I truly learned to touch type as I couldn't look at the keys for guidance. I'd like to re-learn QWERTY but not if it means giving up Dvorak.



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