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Here's some info by a guy who eats raw roadkill(ignore the stuff re parasites, it's the usual hysteria):-


Interesting! maybe I go hunting some day.
What about fishing Should I be worried about fish types and stuff because some of them are toxic?
I could go fishing once a weak but I need more info about eating fishes raw because I usually throw the colored fishes away and
the silver fishes I get their skin off and intestines and cook them.

Great article.

Why do you think what he says about omnivores is hysteria?


--- Quote from: miles on December 03, 2010, 10:31:23 pm ---Great article.

Why do you think what he says about omnivores is hysteria?

--- End quote ---
  Because so many RVAFers have eaten raw wild game, including omnivores, so that the danger is obviously overblown by that guy to an extreme.

10 minuets ago a co worker dropped a young buck that had been hit earlyer this morning of and we have it on my back pourch(I guess I have my work cut out for me today). last year I got a deer and threw away the organs, but now that I am completely paleo I will be able to enjoy the full bounty.

I got a half a lamb that just came in yesterday( a friend I do work for bought it for my Christmas gift, he is a policeman from Scotland who has a taste for lamb). So it looks like I am set for the Christmas season. I was worried about going hungry this winter because I am living on the edge of poverty, but like I told my wife there is always small blessings that seem to occur at the right time. When I am flat busted broke I will get some call out of the blue for a job, or when my kids are out of close, someone from church brings hand me downs. When my freezer is empty someone brings me a fresh piece of road kill. Without these small graces I would not be able to raise my children proper. So what if I am a stereotypical trailer park, redneck, hillbilly who eats the occasional road kill, I am that and much more and proud of it.

I was at my mothers house two days ago and out of the blue she gives me a Japanese knife set, which is just what I need to butcher this deer easily, my other knifes were cheap and don't sharpen well, but these knifes are ready to cut. My son thought the deer was a goat because he remembers when I koshered two goats last year, He told me not to cut it( he isn't too thrilled about cutting up dead animals, My two year old loves to watch me butcher, and as soon as she could stand she was helping me with cutting up various road kills and sorting the pieces, Its fun for the family.


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