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My One Ring
« on: July 26, 2010, 01:10:19 pm »
its my official journal!! shoplifters will be prosecuted.

bits & ramblings to start
my background:
30, male, 6 feet, 185 lbs.
lifelong energy production issues/fatigue symptoms. perhaps hypo thyroid? perhaps just shitty childhood.

currently seeing many different healers/doctors as well as experimenting with raw (and cooked) animal foods after a year of being mostly raw vegan (david wolfe superfood & tonic herbs style). was lucky enough not to fall for fruitarianism. before raw vegan was a SAD pescatarian for a year or 2. before that, was just SAD. :(
also past drug use (& abuse) and many psychological issues.

during the past 3 years have had much success with healing via intense meditation practices as well as diet and supplementation experiments. nearly all my psych issues are healed to normal levels and many of my physical ones. still working on what i believe to be my "Core" issues.

which i believe at this point to be due to my mothers poor diet and a c-section birth, followed by a poor infant diet and numerous ear infections and antibiotics. i think the c-section prevented proper alignment of diaphragms and skull-sacrum relationship.

experimenting with raw and cooked food WAPF style. low on veggies but high on nutrient dense foods such as seaweed, celtic sea salt, algeas, colostrum, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh lemons and limes, raw fermented honey, raw grass fed butter, etc.
low to no grains or refined sugars aka the 4 white evils. ditto on the beans/legumes.

i love raw fish, and am figuring out how to eat raw whole sardines, mackerel, salmon, squid/cuttlefish, octopus, etc.

raw grassfed ground beef and pet food blends were giving me nausea, so i cook them as lightly as possible. however room temperature raw meat is great and basically tastes like sushi/sashimi.

biggest obstacle is digesting enough healthy fat, but not too much! over a certain amount and i get tired and strange burning pains in my c7 upper cervical trapezius area!

current success is in eating during a set window during the day, ala method of intermittent fasting. and only eating enough, not more than enough. still figuring out what that limit is. but the fasting effects are very pleasurable. very clear thought-to-action process.

also short term success when low or no carb, but havent had the supplies to do it correctly long term. with the new butcher shop i hope thats a thing of the past.

lately been gorging on different cream/sour cream/creme fraiche/quark style dairy products with organic blueberries but this is not optimal or sustainable. its just a fat craving phase phase until i figure out how to eat more raw animal fats practically.

visited my new semi-local marin sun farms butcher shop (all 100% grass fed) and picked up some offal and suet and muscle meat from lamb, goat, and beef. this will be my go-to joint but the selection is dynamic due to supply and demand forces.

soon i will be ordering from slankers, northstar bison and/or US wellness meats.
obviously price is an issue, as well as diet compliance (taste, efficiency, etc)

last but not least, i love my organic pastured eggs from farmers markets. raw yolk with occasional cooked whites. although it is a large energy drain to digest those cooked whites.

note on fat digestion: half a can of organic coconut milk knocks me out, but i can easily put back twice the amount of organic mostly grass fed pasteurized cream... ???
i think the ease and addictive nature of cream and other soft dairy products (not milk though, yucky feeling) whether raw or cooked is problematic and unnatural. it's TOO EASY to drink your entire caloric requirements for the day in 30 minutes or less!!!

chronic mild constipation is currently sidestepped by taking magnesium oxide capsules before bed...

other questions and musings:
is my stomach acid too low?
will i like suet? will it like me?
what's the most time & money efficient way to eat for the most positive health results? DUH. its THE BIG Q.
athletically speaking i think a high protein, low carb, adequate fat based diet is the way to go if all the necessary vitamins and minerals are being absorbed correctly...
on paper, i love the guts & grease diet of the plains indians, if its possible to replicate in modern times?


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