Author Topic: How to eat beef Tongues?  (Read 1893 times)

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How to eat beef Tongues?
« on: January 10, 2010, 08:06:08 pm »
I Just bought some beef tongues and I am wondering how do you guys eat It raw?
The skin of the tongues are so hard ! -\

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Re: How to eat beef Tongues?
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2010, 08:27:48 pm »
When I first started eating raw tongue, my teeth had almost begun to fall out given all those years on cooked diets. My teeth did recover once I cut out all raw dairy from my diet, but, in the meantime, I had to resort to all sorts of gimmicks. One tedious approach  was to simply cut up the tongue into such tiny pieces that I could just bolt them down, 1 by one, without having to chew(unlike with cooking, it isn't necessary to chew raw meats, just bolt them down like animals do in the wild). I also aged my raw tongue in the open for several days to make it softer(a mistake as flies put larvae on the tongue, so I had to cover the tongue, after realising this).

At first, I couldn't handle the tip of the tongue as it was so tough so I left it. I also didn't like the darker, purplier stringy bits which form the underside of the tongue, so left that out too and stuck to the pinker, slab-like meat above.Like me, you'll eventually get used to the taste and texture of those parts as well, but , in the meantime, stick to the pinker bits. As for the skin, I know some newbies hate the taste of the skin and spend hours shaving the skin off - I suppose you could do that, but it's rather time-consuming. Or you could get hold of some food-mixer/blender capable of cutting up raw meats into little bits.
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