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Fattest City In The World Article
« on: April 04, 2010, 01:00:14 am »
One of the things that truly repulsed me was when I a couple of decades ago visited the western US and saw vast numbers of young people who had shockingly high  obesity rates and looked decades older, on a biological level, than they were in actual years(eg:- 19 year old girls looking like heavily obese 45 year olds etc.). Unfortunately, despite the fact that I was very near Aajonus and his raw community at the time, in geographical terms, I failed to act on that insight, due to not knowing anything at all about raw meat diets; and god knows I needed it as I was already 20kg overweight at the time due to dairy-consumption etc.(though I still looked less obese than many USers I encountered at the time).

Anyway, here is an article on the fattest city in the world, which provides a good explanation as to  why the majority of  rawpalaeos happen to come from the US(it seems fast-food is so ubiquitously available, over there, and so cheap, that most USers routinely indulge in it throughout the day):-

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