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Re: Anthropomorphistic Intent...
« Reply #25 on: May 05, 2010, 05:46:27 am »
I'm just posting a means to produce a liquid raw fat, which can be used for dipping meat - maybe there is some waste in comparison to high temperature tallow (I will now heat the raw waste product and see how much tallow I can render out of it, just to gauge how much is wasted in the raw scratchings).

Some days I prefer liquid raw fat to whole raw fat (and maybe it's easier for my digestion), if I have the time to prepare it and potentially enough fat to waste some. I definitely find that the yield is greater/easier when the fat is minced instead of cut/diced into small pieces - just my observation.

I'd be interested to see pictures of other peoples' meat/fat preparations too...

I don't normally use the white plastic chopping board but it was handy for the pictorials! ;-))

By the way, I should've left my food thermometer in the glass bowl as part of the documentation, but neglected to do so...

Also, the bowl is china (not Made In China), which I insist upon for all of my crockery!
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