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Request to members
« on: April 23, 2010, 04:38:07 pm »
I've noticed a common tendency for some members to post in sticky topics. This is a very bad idea. These sticky topics are meant as general, permanent (and usually short) info for newbies and long-term RPDers, as applicable, so it can get very confusing if people find all sorts of irrelevant posts made after it by others. An even worse example is the Aajonus' appearances thread which got hijacked a little while back - it is only meant for me to post details I get re Aajonus' upcoming events. I don't mind other people posting about Aajonus' upcoming events, but they should make sure that I haven't already posted a notification concerning that very same meeting.

As for the Aajonus thread, when it gets too long, I will have to split it so that people can more easily view the last, most recent  post.
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