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"William is clearly prematurely senile even for a troll, and we all know where one should put people who are senile/have dementia etc.. I don't think banning is necessary, anyway. For one thing, William is so amusingly retarded that he gives cooked zero-carb diets/pemmican-eaters etc. a really bad name by association, so that helps, along with all the usual b*ll*cks of his  about creationism etc. Besides, there are other quite effective ways to police him."

Posts like this have caused the poster to be banned everywhere on the internet
It shows contempt for the rules of this forum, and is not the first such by this poster.!-please-read/
"please refrain from personal attacks and other speech that is not constructive in nature to an RPD lifestyle.  It is understandable that heated exchanges can occur.  But please keep any foul language or other pointed remarks at the ideas themselves and not the individuals who make them.  Continual disregard of these basic common guidelines will result in warnings and possible removal from the group."

I demand that the moderators act accordingly.


First posted on the 8th May 2010 in Suggestion Box. Deleted.

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Re: Moderators
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We already discussed this matter well ahead a few days ago.
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Re: Moderators
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2010, 12:43:04 am »
Given your past frequent trolling, you have only yourself to blame, William. Anyway, this is all meaningless as we have found rather more effective ways to police trollish posts.
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