Author Topic: do animals get cancer, do they even get disease?  (Read 10222 times)

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Re: do animals get cancer, do they even get disease?
« Reply #25 on: August 05, 2010, 10:35:19 am »
Ive been thinkin bout this for a while, and clearly dogs and cats get cancer, but they are house pets and fed pet food, not real food. Do animals in the wild get cancer or disease for that matter? If so, how frequent is it? Please guys give me some feedback on this, I'm writing a paper about it.
Hmmm, there are many variables. Invasive species can cause problems to native animals. Also, many wild animals get domesticated food from crops. For example, black bears and deers eat from corn fields in Wisconsin. Will weaken their immune systems and cause problems.

-Non native animals/invasive species introduced by humans (may bring viruses native animals aren't used to)
-Human food garbage/crops/feeders (feeders like corn put out for deer or nuts/seeds for birds/squirrels)
-Human activity (pollution/pesticides etc.)

Without these....starvation is probably their biggest worries.


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