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The livers are from Pine Manor farms...On their website it says they are fed corn and soybeans,and without antibiotics. There is no way to tell if they are actually antibiotic free though....and I don't know if their corn/soybeans are genetically modified. Moreso, if the livers were from chickens fed GMO-food and antibiotics routinely injected into their lives.....then the livers would be one of the main sources of all these toxins and pesticides.

Aajonus says that he does not eat the organs of animals unless they are organic. So, since there is no way to tell if Pine Manor poultry farms feeds GMO foods and/or gives their chickens routine doses of antibiotics(though I can e-mail them, they may just lie about it)...., are these raw chicken livers worth eating on a routine basis?

They are the only livers available from myhealth food store(whole foods), and I actually feed them to one of my dogs who likes them...and the thought came to me I should be eating these too! But with the GMO issue,and possible use of antibiotics(though their website says they are antibiotic free), I don't know if eating these can do more harm than good.

I read one study on google that said rats eating GMO foods had liver and kidney failure!

Any advice, avoid this, or is it safe? Should I -email them and ask them some questions??


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If it were chicken, I wouldn't eat the liver unless I raised it myself or I was sure the chicken was fed a natural diet.

From experience I once bought what looked like a live native chicken.

I greedily ate the liver.

In 30 minutes, my body went into violent puking sensing how poisonous the liver I ate was.
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Wow, I'm sorry you had to go through that. The first time my dog ate the chicken livers from Whole Foods, he puked....then the next time he ate it he didn't puke and seems to digest it fine now without problems.

Currently, I'm not eating any organs meats at all. Otherwise, it wouldn't be an issue, I would just wait it out for a better product. But since I'm not eating any organ meats at all, taht ok? from my understanding, organ meats are incredibly nutritious.

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I got food poisoning the one time I ate raw chicken livers (from albertsons)


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