Author Topic: food strategies 4 living with roommates?  (Read 1333 times)

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food strategies 4 living with roommates?
« on: July 24, 2010, 02:16:14 am »
for those of us who have to live with other people, and maybe even share a fridge, i'd like to start a thread about all the ways to eat this way and not piss off others.

1- have a mini-fridge and/or mini-freezer in your personal room. and somehow keep the smells from creeping out using essential oils and enzyme mist sprays. in these minis you could probably even hang your meat, and if you have a fan on, or other air purifier running, it might hide the smell. also if you placed your minis near a window if possible.

2- freeze everything in private freezer until day of. not the most optimal but better than nothing.

3- clean up food prep and cooking mess quickly and dump trash after meals or before bed. use/spray 3% hydrogen peroxide on everything used for meat prep and eating. especially if using shared utensils/dishes/etc.

4- personal coolers with ice to transport and keep food fresh short-term. i think maybe new hi-tech coolers may not even need ice, or just use re-freezable ice packs.

5- use other appliances like grinders and dehydrators in your personal space, which you've set up to be sanitary. although one-room super utilitarian living isn't optimal, it is possible with crafty use of space and the right furniture.

6- buy and use your own set of knives and other utensils.

please add to this, its very useful for lots of us! thanks!


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