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My 6 Favorite FAT Lies by Alan Graham
« on: August 21, 2010, 11:51:49 pm »
My 6 Favorite FAT Lies
By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg
Rank individuals such as myself, apart from being negatively individualistic, are as a mote among many similarly effected motes.
Individually though, still, we are at the whim and sway of powerful forces-governments, institutions, and agencies-who would serve interests seemingly not in the best interest of the individuals aforementioned. These governments, institutions, or agencies, and betraying the trust extended to them, lie with sincerity in a campaign to support the few against the many. Six of the lies told -by what is expected to be an official authority presumed to be the competent steward of a trusting public-concerns the affects and effects, good and bad, of dietary fat on the human body.
To wit: the following 6 distortions concerning fats & oils are indorsed and perpetuated by the highest echelon of nutritional science and government "watchdogs" - like the FDA.
Here are the 6 incredulously bold misstatements, prevarications, and outright lies addressed in turn:
1.. Saturated fat is bad.
2.. Unsaturated vegetable oil is good.
3.. Trans-fatty acids are now considered as bad as saturated fat.
4.. Margarine is more healthful than butter.
5.. Coconut oil is bad.
6.. MonoUnsat. Canola oil is better than MonoUnsat. olive oil.
1.. Saturated fat (SatFat) is "bad"? How can that be, reader, when SatFat is your body's material of choice for the majority of fat's very synergistic and necessary physiological "jobs." Indeed, the only SatFat remotely bad for you is oxidized fat damaged as a result of high heat, lengthy air exposure, or food processing.
Consider. If undamaged SatFat was heart unhealthy there would be a lot of dead Blubber-Eating Eskimos riddled with heart and vascular disease... when in fact they have lowest incidence of heart disease on the planet! SatFat's not bad for them!
What does "saturated" mean? "Saturated" means every available space on the long carbon chain of the garden variety fat molecule is filled with 2 hydrogen atoms. This results in no empty spaces meaning, magnetically, the chains stay straight allowing them to pack closely together. This, of course, results in fat which is solid at room temp. The "no-empty spaces" also means SatFat has no unpaired electrons so it is a very stable fat molecule, thus resisting oxidation. This resistance to oxidation is one of the big reasons nature prefers it and your body likes it.
Every food-oil, by the way, has a small percentage of SatFat (from about 6 to 18%); however, never let a low satfat percentage be a selling point for you - as is touted regarding Canola & other oils!
This is generally because these SatFats found in food oil are pure & undamaged. "Pure and undamaged" is what's good for you.
2.. Unsaturated vegetable oil is good? Look, reader, "Unsaturated" means one or more pairs of electrons are missing! This creates a hyper-sensitive Double-Bond (DB) at each missing site and comes in 2 types, MONOunsaturated (one DB) & POLYunsaturated oils (2 or more DB's). Dieticians continually tell us both MonoUnsat. & PolyUnsat. oils are good for us, sort of implying that any fat that is a beautiful liquid oil at room temp will flow through your veins easily, preventing any heart disease..."unlike that evil solid SatFat which clogs your veins..." Not !
What a crock! MonoUnsat oils, like Olive oil, are heart healthful because with just one (mono) pair of missing hydrogen atoms (one DB), there are no unpaired electrons... resulting in a stable oil that resists oxidation. This kind of oil requires no refrigeration or additional processing to remove the rancid smell after the heat of pressing, as is required with PolyUnsat Oils! These oxidize -go bad- readily.
You see, with a Poly oil-more than one double bond-there IS an unpaired electron, so, unstable, it goes rancid due to the heat of pressing... thus requiring the oil be RBDed (refined, bleached & deodorized). This hi-heat process destroys the oil leaving it "fresh-smelling" but teaming with cancer-causing, heart-stopping lipid-peroxide. The prestigious medical journal, Lancet, in 1994 reported that 75% of the stuff clogging your arteries was oxidized UnSat. food oils...not the the healthful, beneficial, and unjustly maligned Cholesterol. That rattles your box-seats, eh? How is it that our official authorities don't know this?
...And the unsettling answer, reader, is that they MUST!
MonoUnsat. oil (Omega-9), with one DB, will cause the chain to bend a little bit due to electrical attraction, resulting in a liquid at room temp; however, if you put it in the fridge you can see it get milky looking because the satfat is solidifying. That is why all Mono food oils come from a band around the Earth with milder climates - like Olive oil from the Mediterranean & Macadamia Nut oil from Hawaii.
PolyUnsat. FOOD-oil (Omega-6) with two DB's will cause the chain to bend even more, so the satfat, unable to pack tightly, will not solidify in the fridge but will turn solid in the freezer. It also means there is an unpaired electron, so Omega-6 Poly-oils go rancid easily. Poly-oil comes from colder places like with Soy & Canola fromCanada & Russia.
However, there is one kind of Poly-oil (Omega-3) that is very heart-healthy because it is processed under expensive refrigeration to avoid oxidation. I'm talking about the very unstable but magical Medicinal Oils like fish oil & krill oil. These oils are missing anywhere from 3 to 6 pairs of electrons so they are really bent somewhat like a pretzel and will not solidify, even in the freezer!
These sensitive fatty-acids (FA's) are used to keep the blood flowing in arctic cold-water fish... so, conversely, fish from the tropics have very little Omega-3.
So MonoUnsat FOOD oil & PolyUnsat MEDICINAL oils are good for you <<BUT>> PolyUnsat. FOOD oil is decidedly NOT. These include food-oils like Corn, Soy, Grapeseed, Safflower, Sunflower, Cottonseed, and others. I put Canola in this Poly category even though it has 54% Mono-oil. This is because the significant feature of the oil is that it is 35% poly-oil and the poly-oil requires RBDing! This is the thing killing you... so let's just go ahead and call it a Poly-oil. They can sue me!
3.. Transfatty acids are now considered as bad as saturated fat?
What foul and psychopathic hubris is this? Within the last few years TransFat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) has finally been exposed as a disease-causing, manmade, solid fake-fat that it is. Consequently you now hear brain-dead dieticians say that TransFat is as bad as SatFat. This is a stupid, backward, nonsensical thing to say because undamaged SatFat is not bad -far from it- they just tried to make you think it's bad. Howsoever, TransFat has always been an abomination even though the public, until just recently, was manipulated to believe it wasn't.
Electrically and chemically wrong, TransFat is a fat mimic easily incorporated into the cell-wall of every cell in your body with the potential to cause or exacerbate virtually every disease because it is the wrong building material. The best way to correct this mechanism of slow and suffering death is by replacing TransFat with undamaged SatFat & Omega-3 fats like in Fish oil.
4.. Margarine is more healthful than butter? C'mon! Butter is the classic undamaged and healthful SatFat! It contains arcane medium & short-chained fatty-acids which are powerful anti-oxidants which reduce inflammation. Margarine, on the other hand, is naught but disease-causing TransFat! The authorities mislead you by saying that butter has more SatFat than margarine - but what they don't tell you is that butter has healthful SatFat but margarine has Unhealthful, manmade "SatFat" in the form of TransFat... so comparing SatFat & TransFat on equal footing is like the ever compared classics of "apples & oranges," where the oranges poison you! They don't compute.
5.. Coconut Oil is bad because it is a solid SatFat? Where this unctuous unawareness is not a turgid, senseless, and ignorant misstatement it is suspicious to the point of buggered credulity!
OK, Coconut oil will solidify below 76 degrees; however, in your body & in the tropics it flows just fine... in fact BETTER than just fine! Dip your thumb & index finger in CCnut oil that is above 76 degrees & then rub them will feel velvety thin and slicker than the most highly refined machine oil.
This is because CCnut oil is not a long-chain fatty-acid like most food oil (18 atoms long) - it is a magical MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) only 12 to 14 atoms long! This means it can be metabolized with just saliva & stomach-acid, not requiring scarce resources in the form of digestive enzymes as are required with long-chainfatty acids.
CCnut oil or MCT's are found in mother's milk & in every baby formula made. This is because babies have very underdeveloped "Desaturase Enzyme Systems" making it difficult to metabolize long-chain FA's... but with MCT's it zips right through to the energy producing mitochondria to give the baby the front row heat & energy required to grow and mature. With adults it provides instant energy through "Thermogenesis" which actually "burns-up" long chain FA's to help you lose weight. It's great for Low-thyroid folks with cold feet & hands.
Because CCnut oil is from the tropics it contains numerous very special anti-oxidants to protect it from the heat, consequently it will stay good at room temp for 4 or 5 years. When consumed that same anti-oxidant protection goes on in your body.
Bottom line, CCnut oil is one of Mother-Natures most perfectly magical foods! The doctors and dieticians who know the truth BUT tell you it is unhealthy because it is a saturated fat will likely wind up "Butt-surfing" on the "Lake of Fire" in that hell imagined for them.
Why lie? Why, to protect the evil "partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil" industry & the North American (Canada & the US) polyunsat oil industry... corn, soy & Canola. You see, CCnut Oil comes from the Philippines & Olive oil comes from the Mediterranean... gotta keep out them damn foreign products, eh?
6.. MonoUnsat. Canola oil is better than MonoUnsat. olive oil?
Pause for giggles so extreme this writer is in danger of soiling himself. Let's expand this lie into 3 subset lies! See, all the good things folks say about Canola oil (CO)... wait for it... are actually BAD things:
(a). CO is MonoUnsat just like Olive oil? Well, no it's not... Olive oil has a very high percentage of Mono at 76%, so with 16% SatFat there is only room left for a negligible amount of unhealthful Poly - at only 8%. Also, coming from a soft, easily pressed fruit there is NO RBDing required. Conversely, CO only has 56% Mono coupled with only 8% SatFat! This leaves a fairly large percentage of Poly at 30 to 35%! With the higher heat of pressing a hard seed, the oil requires RBDing to remove the rancid smell of what now amounts to dead, non nutritious, and unhealthful oil.
(b). CO has 8% healthful Omega-3 where Olive oil has NO Omega-3?
Well yes, but think about how silly this is. See, if the heat of pressing will cause the "regular" Poly portion (with 2 DB's) to go rancid due to high heat, the Omega-3 with 3 DB's will be the very first fatty-acid to go BAD. Remember from above, with the increase of each DB the sensitivity to damage goes up not by a factor of one but exponentially by a factor of 7 or 8.
(c). CO only has 8% SatFat so it is better than Olive oil at 16%?
No! Canola Oil would be a better oil if it also had 16% SatFat because the satfat in non-RBDed oil is good for you, so if there were more of it, it would replace the stuff that is bad... some of that 35% Polyunsat crap.
Again, bottom line, Canola oil is a sham to replace olive oil & keep money in the US & Canada. Yes, keeps the money but puts their charge at risk! That's the long and tall of one duplicitous corpocracy, eh?
So where are we? Government, Institution, and Agency stridently betray a public trust to degrade our drinking water, foul our food larder, poison our food production, and then presume upon our educational systems to promulgate egregious lies with regard to healthful information regarding these things.
This writer only offers that more useful information is still available, even in this day and age. Drop me a note and, no strings attached? I'll tell you where you might look.
Alan Graham
That's enough. Well be.

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Re: My 6 Favorite FAT Lies by Alan Graham
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2010, 11:54:45 pm »
I'm moving this to the hot topics forum where it belongs. There is so much false info up there, such as the claim re Eskimoes. It ignores the fact that the Eskimoes eat partially raw which would offset to some extent the great harm done by foods high in cooked saturated fats. It's merely mindless pro-SFA propaganda, such as the foolish notion that coconut oil is good when many RVAFers are allergic to it etc.
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