Author Topic: Does the blood line in a fish fillet smell bad? I got a swordfish steak that had  (Read 6603 times)

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I got a swordfish steak that had some blood in it but the fillet smelled really bad, and I felt nausea after eating it. However, a few hours earlier I purchased a small cut of the swordfish(without any blood in it) and it tasted delicious that I went back to the store hours later to get some

 more. Well, this new fillet smelled bad and didn't taste good. When I took it back to exchange it for a fresher piece, the guy behind the fish counter told me that maybe it smelled because of the blood line. He offered me a new piece of equal size and it smelled much better,

 similar to the first steak that made me want to get more swordfish in the first place.

does the blood line make smell rot quicker?

Also the steak that smelled bad with the blood in it was also much rosier and pinker in complexion, which looks much nicer than the other steaks which are mostly white in color. That's why I asked the guy yesterday for the pink rosy one, but I found out afterwards that it smelled bad. I was told

all the cuts were all part of the same swordfish though.


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Depends on the handling.
If it's bad, it's bad.
I eat a lot of swordfish myself.
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What intrigues me is that the guy from the fish counter said it was all from the same swordfish.

How could one fillet with the blood go bad faster than a fillet from the same fish without any blood...does the blood catalyze the deterioration?

Swordfish is delicious. I didn't want to put any condiments or anything it tasted so good just the way it is. ... That is, the fresh tasting fillet tasted so good. The other bloody fillet, no.


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