Author Topic: My dad won't let me eat raw meat, help w informing him?  (Read 10070 times)

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Re: My dad won't let me eat raw meat, help w informing him?
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Explain to him that cooking produces toxins in meat. Google acrylamides, lipid peroxides and heterocyclic amines.

Tell him about the anti nutrients in grains, phytoestrogens in soy.

Explain to him why factory farmed meat is dangerous and how our industrialized food system has created the problem of disease. How disease is not a part of the sustainably run small farm.

Explain to him that the raw meat comes with enzymes built in to easily disassemble the nutrients in the meat, whereas cooking destroys nutrients, enzymes, probiotics (bacteria) and produces toxins.

Explain that eating meat raw is not new, it is cooking that is new. Ask him why he cooks it, then when he says to kill germs, ask why all animals in nature do not drop dead from all of the feces, rotting animal carcasses and raw meat they eat?

Ask him why we don't see disease in nature except when stress and/or pollution is present, but civilization, filled with 'doctors' is inundated with chronic disease and that we're the first generation living shorter lives than our parents? We are also the very first generation to have grown up entirely with industrial foods and mainstream 'medicine'.

Ask him why native tribes eating traditional foods, often raw have excellent health without dentists are western doctors, then when their tribes move to a western diet they begin to get all of of the diseases of civilization like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc...

I don't suspect he'll be open to logic, germ theory has been drilled in pretty hard over the last century or so.  If that is the case you need to dumb down your approach and attack psychologically. You know your dad, use that to your advantage, watch him and figure out what he responds too. Become a tracker, your dad is the quarry, you exercising self determination is the goal. Watch him figure out what makes him more receptive to change.

Also arm yourself with knowledge...


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price
Both of Aajonus' books.
The omnivore's Dilemma
Food and Eater's Manifesto
Read about Pottengers studies.
Show him studies about the benefits of parasites, such as reduction in allergies among villagers over in laos I think it is, and similar stories.

Leave little cards around the house with facts about raw food.

Explain that raw vegetables are good at cleaning your body of toxins and supporting the immune system. And raw fats, especially pastured animal fats are for rebuilding the dead tissue eaten by microbes. As long as you have high quality fats to replace the old stuff then symptoms of disease will be kept to a minimum or nonexistent. Maybe read about the piece of shit Dr. Ansel keys who is responsible in large part for giving fats, and especially animal fats a bad rap, and then tell him about that.

If all else fails find a place with cheap rent, get an extra job and move the hell out!
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