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I appreciate all of this information. I’ve been lurking and poring over the archives for the last several days and became intrigued enough to make an account and begin my tentative journey into RVAF. F, 28 years old.

This seems like a natural progression for me. I first tried a low carb (keto) diet a few years ago and gained relief from mild neurological issues and spinal pain. Other issues developed, though, like a persistant rash that I couldn’t shake for 9 solid months (until I started adding more carbs back), and painful bloating. Eventually I lost my drive (seems crazy considering the chronic ailments that returned) and reverted to SAD with processed crap for over a year, with half-hearted attempts to return to a cleaner diet: a week or two of low carb, whole foods adherence every month or two.

For the past several months, I’ve seen my health improve again with the discovery of a majority animal product diet, specifically high fat. I feel the best I have in a long time. I’ve been eating (cooked) fatty beef, heritage breed pork, lamb, including organs from all of those, and dairy products. I have some fruit, honey, or vegetables more sparingly (2-3 times a week).

I’m really intrigued by the experiments and testimonies of those on this board with raw foods including raw and even high meat.

A couple points in this particular thread that are helping me dip my toe into transition:

Slowly reduce cooking temperature

Avoid mixing cooked and raw foods

I also appreciate mention of gaining a taste for raw meat. I’ve discovered that I’ve learned to prefer rare beef over medium or well-done. I had my first rare steak at a steakhouse about 8 years ago and only pretended to really love it LMAO. It seemed weird at the time. I kept trying rare beef and developed a strong preference/craving for it within weeks after that  My preference for rare/bleu rare has only increased over the last several months I’ve been doing mostly animal products. So, I believe that I can move towards developing the desire for raw.

Glad to be here and again, I appreciate all the information.

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