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Rawpalaeo sources by country worldwide
« on: November 21, 2010, 05:06:23 am »
Ok, I have decided to do a rawpalaeo sources by country thread as this is important. Obviously, this is merely a work in progress, with completed posts being put elsewhere in a more permanent thread. I will start with Austria and move on to the UK; people in those countries, or frequent travellers to those countries,  are free to add their own experiences if those add to what I have offered(or are better), plus any other countries I have not mentioned.

Austria:-  Raw wild game is far more available than expected in Austria, being frequently available in the supermarket chain Merkur(ie raw wild boar, raw wild stagmeat, raw wild venison being available)(1 big store exists in the Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna). Farmers'general  markets are, almost always, a waste of time in Vienna the capital, with only 1  or 2 genuine rawpalaeo products I bought there (sundried bee pollen and raw sauerkraut and raw wildcaught mackerel and just 1 stall in 1 of the markets  offering raw  wild game at twice the price per kilo of the supermarket-chain Merkur's own raw wild game!), and perhaps some other raw wildcaught raw fish, albeit usually very expensive at many, many euros per 100 grams.  In the rest of Vienna, it is a total waste of time, with some partially-raw sushi bars, such as I found in the Karlsplatz Underground station, but that's it. As usual, if you know a local farmer outside Vienna, you will be more easily able to get hold of raw wild game.

Raw grassfed meat is not a market in Austria, so forget it, although the animals are fed more on grass than countries like the US. There are opportunities to buy raw, organic eggs, maybe even raw, organic chickens in a few supermarkets like Billa but that's all.
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