Author Topic: Bison that is grain-finished for 100 days...uhh not sure I want to eat this but  (Read 2012 times)

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Hey guys,

um, mostly I've been eating beef and salmon, and a small amount of shellfish as far as meat goes. Needing some variety, I ate some turkey tonight. I cooked it though, because last time I ate chicken raw, I got very sick. I didn't want to take a chance like that.

However, after eating the turkey, I realize there are better sources of meat than the fowl. For example like the subject of this thread suggests, I do have available grass fed but grain finished for 100 days for bison meat. I'm pretty sure this is higher quality meat than the fowl for a number of different reasons. I guess my main question for this thread is whether I should try eating this bison meat raw. I've become hesitant to eat a meat raw unless I've come to the conclusion that it is roughly 100% grassfed or wild.

The fish I get is wild, the beef is 100% grassfed, and the chicken/turkey are organic but likely mass farmed inappropriately.

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The first raw meat I ate was bison, I loved it then and I love it now! :D


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