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Aajonus message of some sort
« on: January 07, 2011, 01:04:47 am »

From:   aajonus (
Sent:   06 January 2011 02:41:59
To:    aajonus (
Dear CB,
Thank you for your message below. Are people jumping to conclusions? So sad. I tried to talk John and Keith into lowering prices but the cost of opening the coop, shipping and supplying products were so costly that they were unable to reduce prices. They are not wealthy men and are trying to help us have better products. I helped them establish the new coop by getting the right products just as I did for James Stewart, even helped a little to fund them without one penny of interest. I have put over 100 hours into it. I make absolutely no money from Ra Healthy Foods, not one penny. I have not even received a discount. For me it is all a not-for-profit endeavor to help those who really care about healthy food but who do not spend the time to insure foods are healthy.

Trust and loyalty belong to those who earn it. In the face of the astoundingly incriminating evidence against them, should James and Palmer be granted the trust and integrity they receive from members? Especially considering that they failed to produce any exculpatory evidence? Do they qualify for anyone's trust? How many members in their right minds would support any farmer who sold them toxic product as organic and healthy? Yikes, batman, what planet am I inhabiting?!

So sad that the whistle-blower is scrutinized rather than the deceiving individuals who contaminated us for at least 2 years. Do people think that I would spend all of this time and energy if the evidence of product-contamination and fraud were not overwhelming? Do you think that since people were harmed that I will let it pass without retribution? I will not. I filed lawsuits against both of them.

Since Stewart and Palmer have not produced one item of exculpatory evidence, such as receipts that can be verified for feed and chicks (would be a start), shouldn't people be chastising both of them instead of supporting them? I am completely astounded that they are not chastising them but attacking me. I think I may have to lower my outlook about people who claim to care about honesty, truth, justice and health.

James Stewart is not qualified to investigate whether foods are really raw or organic. He does not know enough about farming and husbandry to know what is truly healthy. I taught our farmers how to produce the highest quality products for Rawesome. James never visited the farms. Several times he postulated that products were raw because he was told they were. My investigations found that they were not. Also, consider that he was at HFF several times and it either did not compute in his brain that Palmer could not produce the amount of chickens and eggs she sold weekly with the tiny flocks she maintained, or he was actually deceiving us purposefully. Because several people told him that Palmer was defrauding members, the evidence strongly suggests that James is nearly as guilty as Palmer. The evidence of contaminated products is on the website  photos, testimonies, lab tests and independent private investigators' report that I did not create. Why am I being attacked and criticized? Can you make sense of it?

Are people really that irrational that they cannot believe while looking at the grossly incriminating evidence that a person convicted of stealing elderly peoples' homes and livelihood for 10 years could defraud us? And that James Stewart's loyalty to that person, Sharon Palmer, is predicated on his monetary investment in the farm and his ego?

Palmer and Stewart have made people sick. Since a few of my patients who had traumatic health-issues while consuming those products stopped consuming HFF toxic products, they have not been in the dire straights since. Is common sense alive? Could members brains have been damaged by eating HFF contaminated eggs and chicken? They certainly could have and could continue to be.

CB wrote:

    Oh no... Now with this email a lot of people I know think the timing is weird and don't believe the accusations you're making, they think it's all very suspicious . It doesn't help that James always told people that you were spreading lies in order to start your own place... and now this email. Plus, the prices are as high as Rawesome's, which doesn't help either. To those people it means it's not done as an altruistic act, making healthy products available to your followers, but it's a business. It would certainly help if it was done in a non-profit manner and if the intermediary btw the Amish and the customers was not making a profit.
    I thought you'd like to know the initial feedback I've heard.

    On Jan 4, 2011, at 8:47 AM, John wrote:


        opens January 15th in Santa Monica!

Ebrahim Arafat,
Several statements in your message below are libel. I did not have any tests done on HFF chicken or eggs for mercury at any lab. I had a test done on chicken for salt/sodium several years ago.  Therefore, stating that anyone could get lab tests done for me regarding mercury in eggs and chicken, and that a lab told me there was no mercury in them are blatantly false statements. I suggest that you verify any statements you plan to make regarding me and the people involved before issuing statements to the public.

You should also consider that the HFF chicken and eggs that were purchased from Rawesome, some through you, were tested and all were contaminated, some with mercury and others with other contaminants. The selected chickens and eggs chosen by Sharon or Victoria for testing during or after November do not represent those that they and you sold to members that were tested prior to November by members; of which I was not one. The independent tests are at

Also, you have made false claims for HFF and its products and owner(s). You are liable for any claims you make because you sell and profit directly or indirect from the products. If HFF/Sharon/Victoria are proved to be culpable in defrauding members with toxic commercial products, you will be liable with them.

Please retract your claims within 10 days to whomever you disseminated that false information and CC me on the email version of your message. If you fail to comply, you will be added as a plaintiff on a lawsuit that is being written. I am very sad that you have put yourself in such a tragic situation by issuing libelous statements.
aajonus vonderplanitz

Hello Dear Delivery Customers,

This week one of our customers who is also a member
Westin Price contacted the lab that Aajonus got his tests
on our chicken and eggs and she was told that they told Aajonus
that the eggs and chicken contain no mercury.
She will email the test results that was given to Aajonus to all of us soon.
Also one of my delivery client who had high mercury in her body
did an independent test in a different Lab with our chicken and eggs and
got the same result of no mercury. I gave her telephone number to James Stuart
and hopefully she will send him the lab report and it will emailed to everybody.
I do not know why Aajonus has taken this path to hurt a club  and a farm that are
saving Southern California from conventional farms who truely feed us posion.

Thank you all.

"During the last campaign I knew what was happening. You know, they mocked me for my foreign policy and they laughed at my monetary policy. No more. No more.
" Ron Paul.


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