Author Topic: Islet Cells destroyed by Immune System  (Read 1485 times)

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Islet Cells destroyed by Immune System
« on: February 13, 2011, 12:20:10 pm »
I think my immune system may've(very likely) killed my islet cells(the ones that produce insulin) during my long period of severe chronic inflammation which I had before going paleo. I've been back to eating animals only now for 1-2 months, and I have for the first time in this period, aside from near the very beginning, had some ox-liver. It's very sweet, tastes like chocolate, and I had about 1kg of it. I was not ready for what happened, as the last time I was eating animals only(for 6 months) I never had ox-liver, only lamb's, which is not sweet. The two times(including this time) that I've re-introduced any carb-source after going without them I've had nasty effects such as heavy night-sweating, loose-stools, de-hydration/thirst, water tasting horrible, lots of urination, grogginess, inflammation. This time I also had some big-time internal pain whilst I was sleeping. I know this, because just as I dreamt a lot about doing 'number ones'(I didn't until I woke up in case you're wondering xD), 'needing to do number ones' etc, I also dreamt several times about being in body-scissors(getting lower-torso crushed between someone's legs in their guard) and the person was tightening it and wouldn't let go as I tapped like crazy.

Like last time I also had formation of acne on my skin which appeared over-night as I slept, out of nowhere. This time I'm just going to generally avoid sweet-liver at least for a while, but otherwise continue with eating animals only as I have been. Last time, I had all the symptoms I described for the first few times I ate sugars, but as I continued to do it I think some microorganism such as candida developed, as most of my symptoms reduced greatly in severity to be accompanied by those associated with candida/those associated with candida would increase.

As far as I know islet cells can't replicate once they've been destroyed, but I'm not sure.

But anyway since being back to animals only, aside from last night with the liver-incident, I've been feeling great!

I'm writing this tired so some points/connections I've made might be off, but generally it's ok.
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