Author Topic: Dishwashers Pollute your dishes and cutlery with Dangerous Black Yeast  (Read 2853 times)

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A large part about getting well from incurable diseases is identifying possible sources of pollution. Lots of lung infections or lung cancers can come from black yeast / black fungus. People suspect the walls of their home and ceilings. But did they ever suspect their dish washer?

Many modern homes have dish washers. I’ve seen it with my aunt. I don’t see why I would want a dishwasher when I trust my hands more. But for those who like using dish washers, that dishwasher can be a source of festering molds / fungus like black yeast. According to the late pollution avoidance expert Dr. Hulda Clark, fungus is one of the deadliest germs in the planet and we should exorcise them off our homes.
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Black mould is nasty. Vinegar (white)  is the best solution forget bleach.
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WE use our dishwasher as a place to store things. Neither one of us can handle listening to one hour of it making a racquet.

It was part of the house when we moved in.


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