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Tomato Basil Soup
« on: July 02, 2011, 05:48:55 pm »
So for some reason lately I have been craving tomatoes.. I don't know why, and I know tomatoes are nightshades and all, but I really wanted to make a raw tomato basil soup.  I didn't measure everything out, but I can give most approximations, though the spices should be added to taste..

I only made a really small serving size, since I was only feeding myself, but this is what I did:
Took one whole tomato, one of the regular looking ones, ran it under warm (90 degree F) water for a while to warm it, and put it in my cheap blender.
Cheap blender couldn't chop up the tomato, so I cut the tomato up over the blender cup so that none of the juices would be lost.
Blended the tomato (with difficulty) until it was somewhat liquidy, but still choppy.
Added half an ounce of chopped up raw sharp cheddar cheese, two small chopped up fresh garlic cloves, a bunch of basil, a few dashes of cayanne and himilayan pink salt, a sprinkle of paprika, and then poured in probably from one half to a whole ounce of cold pressed olive oil, then blended it all up some more.
Poured half of it in a tiny bowl with some small zuccini pieces on the side, and topped with more basil and a tad more cayenne.

Then I ate the first half of it, it was pretty good, although a bit watery tasting in my opinion.  So for the second half of the soup, I poured into a tiny bowl with small zucinni slices on the side, added basil and cayenne on top, sprinkled on some nama shoyo soy sause over the top, then covered it and let it sit on my dresser overnight because I wasn't hungry anymore. 
The next day I took it and uncovered it, added even more basil and cayenne, sprinkled on more nama shoyo, added a bunch of himilayan pink salt, and shredded another half ounce of raw sharp cheddar overtop of the whole thing, but when I tasted it, it was much too salty and spicy for me.. so I added about another ounce of olive oil into it, and that just made it absolutely perfect.

A bit indulgent, but at least all of the ingredients were mostly raw, just the seasonings might have been heat-dried, but they could easily have been used raw if I had my own fresh herbs at home, and the nama shoyo is a bit of a cheat, even though it IS unpasteurized.  And it seems to have completely cured me of my craving to eat a pizza with extra sauce.. Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture, but it was a very light red colour, not the deep red you usually see for tomato products.

My next recipe that I'm going to try, is making raw raviolis, both beef and cheese.  I also have a recipe for raw chocolate frosting, and I'm experimenting on a raw applesauce.. and I also bought some raw cream so that I can try out making raw ice cream or a raw milkshake.. because I have been craving these things so much, but I don't want to eat cooked, pasteurized, heated, chemical-filled commercial versions, so I am experimenting on making them raw!  These are all for indulgence though, not things I would want to make and eat on a daily basis.
Hi, I'm 32, around 5'4" and ~124lb, no real significant health problems other than hyperventilating when running/exercising (that my doc said was because of the smog/asthma), fatigue, and really bad acne.
I'd preferably be a carnivore/very low carb, but I have had a very hard time finding grass-fed or even organic fats, organs, and marrow. I consume raw dairy, but I do not eat much vegetables.. however, I do love fruit.
I live with my dad, so I also have to sneak any raw meat eating.


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