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The Dangers of (Raw and Pasteurised) Dairy Consumption

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Dairy has only been consumed for the last 9,000 years or so, which is far too short a period in our evolution for us to fully adapt to it. As a direct result, many people experience severe health-problems with dairy:-

First of all, it's well-known that 75% of the world's population are lactose-intolerant to some extent, with at least 3% casein-intolerant, with malabsoprtion of dairy being a common occurrence:-


There have been one or two  international studies directly linking dairy-consumption to much higher rates of osteoporosis, with other studies showing no benefit  of dairy-consumption as regards healing of hip-fractures etc. - giving the lie to the notion that calcium-rich  dairy builds strong bones:-


A useful site re the link between higher rates of osteoporosis and dairy-consumption can be found here:-


Dairy-consumption  has also been linked to much higher rates of heart-disease:-



and prostate-cancer, among other types of cancer:-



Dairy-consumption has also been directly linked to  increased rates of dementia, depression and strokes  in the elderly, due to the excess calcium in dairy:-



Dairy has also been linked to schizophrenia and autism:-



Dairy, along with grains, is also heavily implicated in the rise in the incidence of autoimmune  diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis:-





Then there's the issue of the extremely lopsided Calcium:Magnesium ratio of dairy(c.12:1). In Palaeolithic times, the caveman diet had a calcium:magnesium ratio was only c. 1:1 -  but our modern dairy-filled diet has on average a 4:1 Calcium:Magnesium ratio which is most unhealthy, as excessive calcium in the diet(above 1:1) ends up blocking the intake of magnesium into the body, thus leading to magnesium-deficiency:-


Since magnesium is an essential component of the human body, a lack of magnesium leads onto various minor to major health-problems:-



There are also serious concerns about the dangerous effects of all the hormones in dairy:-


There is particular concern about the link between dairy-consumption and a higher rate of male reproductive disorders, due to the large amounts of the female hormone oestrogen , present in cows' milk:-


Dairy has also been linked to a higher rate of Parkinson's Disease:-

Another factor to consider is the amount of harmful opioids present in dairy(and grains and processed foods). It's a well-known fact that such opioids are highly addictive, and it is no coincidence that food-manufacturers  routinely use them in processed foods:-



Lastly, it's also well-known that lactose a major nutritional component of  dairy, if consumed in appreciable amounts,  inhibits the absorption of copper into the human body, thus potentially causing problems re increased rates of  heart-disease in later life:-


On an anecdotal level, it should be noted that  large numbers of raw-meat-diet-beginners tend to make the mistake of consuming large quantities of raw dairy at first, as it's an easier raw animal food to get used to than raw meat, say. This inevitably leads, over time,  to long-term problems such as magnesium-deficiency(indeed a number of  long-term heavy consumers of raw dairy (eg:- Primal Dieters) have openly admitted that they take artificial magnesium supplements in order to make up for the excessive calcium-rich dairy in their diets. And also  those allergic to dairy tend to get artificial, powerful cravings for raw dairy, and often lose their taste for healthier raw animal food such as raw meats/organ-meats. Even worse, some Raw-Animal-Foodists  choose to ignore the serious health-problems caused by their body's reaction to the harmful raw dairy and try to pretend they're merely experiencing an endless series of "detoxes" and that raw dairy is a supposedly excellent detoxing food. Nothing could be further from the truth.

*It should be noted that many of those Raw-Animal-Foodists who consume raw dairy often claim that eating raw dairy, as opposed to pasteurised dairy will automatically resolve any health-problems incurred from eating pasteurised dairy, whether due to allergies or whatever. They also tend to recommend all sorts of mystic preparations such as only eating raw dairy at room-temperature, mixing raw dairy with honey or only eating A2-protein dairy etc., but invariably none of these methods work to any genuine extent for those with allergies towards raw dairy. Plus, they often tend to claim that it's impossible to experience a(lactose-intolerance-related) allergy towards raw dairy(or sometimes just towards raw butter), despite the various accounts from people  who've experienced lactose-intolerance etc.  towards raw butter etc. Unfortunately, many of the harmful aspects of dairy, such as the opioids and the excessive amounts of calcium in dairy, are as prevalent in raw dairy as in pasteurised dairy, so this is not a convincing argument at all. In short, while it's generally the case that consuming raw dairy causes  fewer problems, overall, than consuming pasteurised dairy, side-effects and health-problems related to raw-dairy-consumption are  the most frequent problems faced by Raw-Animal-Foodists when they first  start going raw. Problems with veggie-juice and raw eggs are merely secondary in frequency to raw dairy, in that regard.* 

Oh, here is a scientific study showing the link between cataracts in old age and consumption of dairy, with galactose being a problem rather than lactose per se.

Thank you for this information.

I just noticed this thread.

Just to be clear, what Tyler says is true in the strictest sense. Dairy can be anything from a chronic irritant for long time consumers, to a danger in the short term for some.

We should all be aware of this.

The reason very simply is that dairy is generally difficult to digest and it can be very difficult to digest for some people and the undigested dairy may find it's way into the body through the osmotic barrier in the intestines into the blood and so on.

However, this is true for every food, whether cooked, raw or whatever. If you eat foods that are inappropriate regardless of whether they are touted by the experts or your friends or the people on this site, you are on your own. Pay attention to what you eat. If it causes issues then consider giving it up for awhile to see if the issues go away. Two weeks or a month for foods that you eat regularly is a good test.

Some people for instance will find garlic as a life saver, and I am led to believe, there is plenty of science to back it up, but for some it is pure poison.

Bottom line is that advice to eat/not to eat any particular food must be taken lightly. Even foods that you may like, may be indeed what you need to eat, but to get in a habit of eating something even when you lose the taste for it, is asking for trouble.

Typically dairy will cause issues like upper respiratory tract infections (like colds) blocked sinuses, lethargy, back problems (which may be prostate issues in hiding) prostate issues and issues associated with fluid buildup or oedema. Then these promonitory symptoms may degrade into other issues.

which of these studies (if any) used raw rather than pasteurized dairy to reach their conclusions?


--- Quote from: svrn on January 10, 2014, 11:59:57 pm ---which of these studies (if any) used raw rather than pasteurized dairy to reach their conclusions?

--- End quote ---

Hey man! Welcome back. The answer is probably none.


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