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Aajonus Call For Demonstration In California
« on: October 05, 2011, 01:58:38 am »
      URGENT - October 4th DEMONSTRATION for our Food Rights at Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors' meeting?

To aajonus
From:   aajonus (
Sent:   04 October 2011 00:08:43
To:    aajonus (

Hi, healthy food lovers,
The Board of Supervisors did not furnish us with a RESOLUTION acknowledging our Right of Association with our private food clubs. Therefore, we will demonstrate at the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow Oct. 4th, 2011 at 8:30 AM until as late as 6 PM. at the address below. Some of us will demonstrate outside and others inside. I hope that we have at least 300 members demonstrate. It will be a long day because we are not on the Board's Agenda. So, we will have to speak at the end at Miscellaneous Business. In order to speak, you must sign the speakers list sometime before 9 am. Inside the Board meeting, ask someone who looks like a clerk where you can sign the speakers list.

I ask all of you living in Los Angeles County to attend the demonstration on October 4th, arriving at least by 8:30 AM at:

500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

This is your moment to act for your food rights. If you fail, you fail your rights to have health and well-being the way you want it. So, let's see each other at the demonstration if necessary. If you cannot attend until the afternoon, it is better than not attending. You will still show your support. We will appreciate seeing you at anytime tomorrow.

BTW, Santa Cruz County passed a Resolution last month acknowledging its citizens the right to choose, have and consume the food they grow or to contract to have grown for them! Hurray for Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors:
“Resolution Recognizing the Rights of Individuals to Grow and Consume Their Own Food and to Enter into Private Contracts with Other Individuals to Board Animals for Food”

Behavior at the Demonstration:  We can demonstrate/picket at any corner sidewalk and sidewalk between intersections but we cannot block the sidewalks. We must stand or walk so that half of the sidewalk is passable by pedestrians. If anyone violates this, they may be arrested. Please, no violence.
See you tomorrow!!!
healthfully and appreciatively,
aajonus vonderplanitz, ph.d. nutrition
Right To Choose Healthy Food, Trust
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