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RA FARM- Aajonus e-mail
« on: October 07, 2011, 05:13:19 am »

 Aajonus Vonderplan?itz
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We believe we have found the location to set up a Ra Primal Farm!
The current scenario is that we have 211 acres with 6 springs and an artesian well in escrow. It has a pasture, another area that was irrigated pasture, several areas that could be farmed, fields of sage for bees, hills for food trees and brush for goats, and abuts National Forest land that can be used. Presently, horses are boarded there but otherwise has not been developed as a ranch or farm. The soil is sandy, which is good for some crops, and will take some husbandry and composting. The buildings are minimal, two one bedroom houses, a double-wide trailer where the current caretaker lives, a large barn and some outbuildings.
Have you ever wanted a week-end getaway in the mountains, but didn’t want to spend a million dollars to have it? Ever want a farm, but don’t know how, have time or want to do the work? This is your opportunity to have the dream, for a fraction of the cost!
For as little as $110,000 you could own 1/12  of the original bit of paradise! Or, for the full price, be the sole investor! The managing members will make the improvements to the farm, buy the animals, and run it. Be a “Gentleman Farmer!” Call us at 626-644-6863 (not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday mornings, please. Or email us at
Once purchased, the farm will be built up with Membership buy-in to raise Jersey milk cows, chickens, worms, goats, fish, honey and fruits and vegetables used in the primal diet. We expect to grow some crops for sale to purchase items we cannot grow. There are many more ideas, and lots to discuss.
There are many differences in this farm as compared to Healthy Family Farm. First of all, anyone we hire to farm will be health food oriented, concerned and caring of the best food to produce, and do it. Secondly, this will be based on the Primal Diet, and Aajonus will be involved in the establishing of how things are done. Thirdly, Aajonus told people to not invest in Healthy Family Farm, as it was too much money (about $2 million) for too little land (10 acres), and farmed by someone without integrity. He is in complete harmony with this farm.
The land is in a valley that has a number of organic farms already, and is only a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. It is near Frazier Park mountains, and has little or no cell phone reception. Freedom from civilization's EMF and Wifi bombardments! Aajonus, Lucky, Marilyn, and Tamara explored the 211 acres, and all are in agreement that this is the place. The water is a huge plus! We had 2 water-quality tests and they are very good. Water is King.
An offer was made to the owners (family friends of Marilyn) for the asking price of (only!) $650,000 contingent upon the water testing for the purity required by Aajonus to ensure all the animals raised would produce the foods at a standard needed by Primal Dieters. One of the members has put down an earnest money deposit to hold the property in escrow, for about 30 days more. This is a great price! However, we will have to invest about $670,000 to dig ponds for animals, fish ponds, build a large greenhouse for vegetables in late Fall and Winter, stock animals, farm equipment, build milking facilities and plant fruit trees and bushes, totaling $1,320,000.
Our target is to raise ($650,000) in the next 10 days to acquire the land.
Time is of the essence!
We need one to seven people to put in all or a portion of $650,000 to purchase the land outright, and keep the number of owners to a minimum. The Membership will lease the farm and/or become an investor by improving the land, and could buy the land from one or more investors over time, if desired.
Are you the kind of person that would make an investment like this in your family’s future? Do you want to ensure that the food you eat is healthful and healing? Do you want a place to go that is close enough to get to easily, and has food and water? Most of us are already renegades in the area of food. Are you ready to be a part of the group that takes this to the next level? Then Call Us:  626-644-6863. Email Us: We need bright ideas and big money really fast. We can make this happen!
We will have an information kiosk at the drop site on Saturday in Santa Monica. We are available to meet with a group or individual on Saturday afternoon or evening to discuss more. The same will be offered at the Tujunga site on Sunday. We will meet with serious (founding) investors individually by appointment.
We have some willing investors already, and are looking for more people who understand that farm and ranch land is the current big investment opportunity, (Warren Buffet is doing it!) and would like to invest for the long term. We cannot guarantee a monthly return at this point, but founding members would have the ownership of the land, as tenants in common, with the security of getting food now and in the future. Food is better than gold especially since government is about to declare that organic food is microbially dangerous and chemical farming is safe. Organic food may be unattainable unless we grow it ourselves and it is not available to the public. You can’t eat gold. Also, owners may share the use of the property as a recreational get-away.
There are more possible ways to organize this than we can describe in this short letter. Some ideas that have been put forward include the farm being a recreation area for the members, with camping sites and trails into the National Forest, a pool, ponds with fish and a members lodge; and a non-profit organization with an educational component.
We have at least three members who have experience in farming who can help advise and set things up. Nikki ran her family farm in an Amish neighborhood for several years. Randy grew up on a farm. Marilyn helped run a ranch for a year, and worked with most farm animals, and is a Biologist with a minor in Animal Science and Veterinary Sciences. She also studied Naturopathic Medicine for two years, and knows Homeopathy and some things about herbs to grow in the pastures to help the animals keep themselves healthy. She is prepared to go to Pennsylvania and learn how they do things there. Aajonus knows a family who are Primal Dieters who know how to farm his way. As an option, we could keep the caretaker who is there on board, and teach him how we want it done. He is also a contractor, and has handled the upkeep of the place, being well trusted by the owners for over 11 years.
All these are possibilities that we can discuss, and we would like to. There is enough land for a lot of different ideas.
We believe we can at least produce a sufficient amount of food for about 2,000 members to justify its purpose, and pay the ongoing costs.
WE will be calling the shots. We will be able to go to the farm, help feed and milk, and see exactly what they are eating and how they are treated. We can all learn how to grow our own food, teach others and can take our future into our own hands.
We could change our little world!
We have several opportunities for committed members:
1)    We need money for the purchase of the land. This is the most urgent.  The testing of the water took longer than we had anticipated and we could not proceed until we knew it was good.  But we are now running short on time to complete the escrow.
2)  The establishment of a Membership Farm, which includes livestock, equipment, construction, and much more to be detailed in a blog. This will require more investment, including a monthly membership payment plan to help with the start-up costs.
3)  We need talented people to help handle the administrative, technical, and financial aspects (also to be detailed separately). We are looking for people who can video, write, etc.
4)  We want members to get their boots in the dirt and help create a farm where you are a member and can control your own food!
Health and Life to You!
From your friends, The Folks at Ra

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