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In regard to fat types
« on: December 12, 2011, 06:39:11 am »
Where can I learn about the characteristics and the good bad sides and why some fats are good and some not. What I know is that saturated fats from grassfed animals are the best for us because they have no toxins high in omega3 and lots of nutrients... Now I know omega6 are bad because someone said it causes inflammation? I also remember someone on this forum said "I don't eat alot of eggs because of "PUFA"? Content and the response he got from another guy was "I don't worry about the PUFA in eggs bcause I eat alot of Butter." now Wtf does that means? My logic tells me that something in the Butter balances something bad that comes from the eggs(?PUFA")? poly unsaturated fatty acids?? I feel like one dumb son of a gun... Where can I learn all about fat types effects characteristics why who where how and all this stuff.. Someone suggested me to read "The coconut oil Miracle" would that be a good place to start?? Why omega6 is that bad?? I mean is it bad by itself or because the lack of somewhat healthy balance of 3:6? I am not lazy I googled all on this and couldn't find a comprehensive guide so far.  Having said that I no longer have confidence on my rather very limited knowledge about fats... regardless the fact that my friend this week told me dont eat more than 2 eggs a day because it has alot of "Bad fats" in it and I got scared because I eat alot of it and alot of fat and know practically shit about it...  Will my 30raw eggs a day intake wreck havoc my liver someday ? enlighten  me please.
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Re: In regard to fat types
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2011, 06:56:58 am »
Look, it's very simple. Saturated fats (or even PUFAs) are only bad if processed/cooked. If they are not cooked/processed, they are absolutely fine.

"Another confounding issue may be the formation of exogenous (outside the body) advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) and oxidation products generated during cooking, which it appears some of the studies have not controlled for. It has been suggested that, "given the prominence of this type of food in the human diet, the deleterious effects of high-(saturated)fat foods may be in part due to the high content in glycotoxins, above and beyond those due to oxidized fatty acid derivatives." The glycotoxins, as he called them, are more commonly called AGEs" taken from:-
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